Speaker Stand Cover: Best DJ Scrims for Stands, Tables, & Truss


Nothing can make your professional DJ setup look amateur quite like a mess of cords and wires. It looks cluttered and clumsy; it lacks the clean, tight look that will set you apart from the competition. If you want to create a polished DJ table and speaker setup, you’ll need to enlist the help of some stylish scrims. This article will help you find the best DJ scrims and speaker stand cover for your table, stand, and truss!


DJ scrims and speaker stand covers are an elegant way to polish your look. Essentially, they’re fitted pieces of cloth that hide cables, stands, and other things that don’t fit the aesthetic of an event. With high-quality, fashionable DJ scrim covers, you’ll impress your clients, get better reviews, and repeat bookings. It’s a small upgrade with a big visual impact.


Name DetailsPrice
Scrim King Single-SidedSpeaker Stand, Single-Sided, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Double-SidedSpeaker Stand, Double-Sided, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Triple-SidedSpeaker Stand, Triple-Sided, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Single-SidedSpeaker Stand, Single-Sided, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Double-SidedSpeaker Stand, Double-Sided, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Triple-SidedSpeaker Stand, Triple-Sided, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Single-SidedLighting Stand, Single-Sided, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Triple-SidedBest For Lighting StandBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Double-SidedBest For Lighting StandBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Triple-SidedBest For Lighting StandBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King SS-SOX-6WTruss, Four-Sided, Stretches 3-7.5 ft, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King SS-SOX-6BTruss, Four-Sided, Stretches 3-7.5 ft, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King SS-SOX-9WTruss, Four-Sided, Stretches 5-11 ft, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King SS-SOX-9BTruss, Four-Sided, Stretches 5-11 ft, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King Stand ClipBest Clip For Speaker/Lighting StandBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King SS-TBL401-W Table ScrimFor 4 ft DJ Table, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim-King SS-TBL01-B Table ScrimFor 6-8 ft DJ Table, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King SS-TBL01-B Table ScrimFor 6 ft DJ Table, BlackBattery Powered Uplights
Scrim King X Stand ScrimFor X Stand, WhiteBattery Powered Uplights
Rockville RSC5B X Stand ScrimFor X Stand, BlackBattery Powered Uplights

Scrim King Single-Sided

single sided


This single-sided scrim is perfect for people who regularly DJ wedding receptions, corporate parties, or other events that require a bit of dressing up. The silky white material will fit perfectly with an elegant aesthetic, making your whole setup look like it’s part of the decor. It’s a great choice for any DJ looking to upgrade their style.


This DJ scrim is made from a fire resistant material that is both easy to wash and easy to pack away. Every scrim comes with a zip-up bag to store nicely in your vehicle. It’s also very easy to backlight because the material is reflective. On the downside, it is only a single-sided scrim, which means that people may still be able to see cables and wires on the other side.



  • Stylish solid white material
  • Easy to use
  • Only covers one side

Scrim King Double-Sided

double sided


A scrim that has two sides is a great advantage when your DJ setup is in the middle of a room or visible from multiple angles. This scrim looks great and will impress just about any client that sees it! It will really help set you apart from the DJs in your area who have a sloppy setup. This double sided scrim is easy to set up, clean, and pack away for your next gig.


The one major downside of this scrim is that, depending on the height that you set your speakers, it may not cover the entirety of the stand. That is a real drawback and takes away from the clean, polished look that a DJ scrim cover provides. However, if you often set your PA’s at a height of five feet or less, this scrim could be perfect for you.



  • Excellent reflective material
  • Easy to store and move
  • May be too short


Scrim King Triple-Sided

triple sided


For full coverage of your speaker stands, it’s best to go with a scrim that has three sides. That way, you can tuck each and every cable inside the scrim and cover each piece of the speaker stand. This gives your speaker setup a truly professional look that’s hard to beat. The white color of the scrim is perfect for weddings and other events that need a soft and elegant appearance.


This three sided DJ speaker stand scrim can cover a speaker stand anywhere from four to seven feet tall, which makes it perfect for people who tend to set their speakers above head height. This scrim can be even more stylish when you add an LED light; this can really add to the whole atmosphere you bring to the gig. On the negative end of things, this scrim can slip easily, so make sure to have appropriate clips or other fastening at the top of your speaker stand so it’s secure.



  • Extends up to 7 feet
  • Stretchy fabric easy to work with
  • Can fall down without clips


Scrim King Single-Sided

single sided


Are you heading off to a black tie event? That might mean it’s time to reach for a silky black speaker stand scrim! This single-sided speaker scrim is made of flexible fabric that will help to hide those pesky cables and cords. Black is a great color to choose for more formal events where white might not fit the atmosphere.


Just like the white one-sided scrim above, this speaker scrim won’t be able to cover every angle of your speaker stand. It is, however, an affordable, stylish speaker scrim that is sure to become one of your go-to pieces of equipment. It folds up nicely and is an easy solution when you’re in a rush.




  • Solid black color blends in well
  • Stretchy fabric makes for easy setup
  • One-sided

Scrim King Double-Sided

double sided


A scrim with two sides is one of the simplest ways to create a clean, neat look in your DJ setup. You can hide cables and XLR cords easily, making everything look nice and professional for your clients. But, you still have access to the cables from one side if you need to make adjustments on the fly.


Just like other speaker stand scrims from Scrim King, this product is made of flexible fabric that washes quickly and folds away nicely. If you need the ultimate speaker stand covers for your next gig, a double-sided black scrim is probably the best addition to your repertoire. It’s sure to become one of your most-used pieces of equipment!



  • Two-sided for effective coverage
  • Easy cable reaching on open side
  • May not be tall enough

Scrim King Triple-Sided

triple sided


Three sides of coverage, three sides of style! The Scrim King Triple-Sided speaker stand scrim stylishly covers every part of your speaker stand with silky fabric. It’s perfect for any event that requires a touch of sophistication. With this speaker stand scrim, you can ensure that your DJ setup will be effortlessly clean, no matter which angle you look at it.


Having full coverage from a speaker stand skirt makes every part of your job a bit easier. You won’t have to worry about tripping over cables because the scrim helps keep them in line. You can also stash coils of extra cable within the speaker stand, again helping you make sure everything is organized and presentable. Compare this to a DJ with cables running everywhere like it’s their first gig, and you’ll see the true advantage of being extra prepared!



  • Sophisticated, sleek material
  • Covers every angle easily
  • Needs clasps to stay up

Scrim King Single-Sided

single sided


Lighting stands are an indispensable and valuable piece of equipment for any DJ. With a lighting display, you can truly wow your clients with the combination of light and sound you control from your laptop. Lighting stands, however, are never the prettiest pieces of equipment in your setup, so having a lighting tripod scrim is always a good idea!


This single-sided lighting scrim keeps things simple; you can hide the stand, cables, and wires behind a stylish white cloth that adds to your visual appeal. This lighting stand scrim is easy to use because it stretches up to a full twelve feet! That’s tall enough for just about any lighting rig you’ll ever use.



  • Stretches to 12-feet
  • Reflective material good for backlighting
  • Needs a clasp to stay put

Scrim King Triple-Sided

triple sided


Similar to the one-sided lighting stand scrim above it, this item from Scrim King will stretch all the way up to a height of twelve feet to cover your lighting stand. This scrim, however, covers all three sides of the lighting stand, giving you a stylish, vibrant white covering all the way around. This is great for events where metal and dangling wires just won’t look right; white cloth is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and other sentimental events you’ll be working.


Another great thing you can do with a white scrim is illuminate it with LED lights to match the colors of the event. Splashes of color are especially great for receptions or dance-centered events. The reflective material on this lighting stand scrim is perfect for adding a flair to your DJ setup, and your clients will thank you!




  • Easy to set up and backlight
  • Can stretch to large sizes
  • Three sides may be too much

Scrim King Double-Sided

double sided


Just like the Scrim King speaker stand scrims mentioned above, having a black scrim is never a bad idea. They fit any event or gathering that you’re working and blend into the background seamlessly. If you’ve got a lot of lighting cables to hide, a jet black scrim might be the exact thing you need to get the job done. This is a double-sided version that will effectively cover the front and side of your lighting stand so guests won’t see anything you don’t want them to.


Black has the unique ability to fade into the background of any scene, which helps you guide your audience’s attention where it needs to be. Sometimes, white or multicolored scrims are too distracting, so black is a great default choice. If you want to be ready for any event, black lighting stand scrims are a necessity!




  • Blends into any setting
  • Hides cables well
  • Unable to backlight

Scrim King Triple-Sided

triple sided


Triple-sided lighting stand scrims are a great item to have in your repertoire. They completely cover your lighting stand and cables so no client is ever annoyed by a sloppy setup. This type of lighting stand scrim is perfect for gigs where you’re the center of attention or your audience surrounds you on multiple sides.


A triple-sided scrim, though, can become annoying if you have to quickly fix a cable that’s come unplugged or needs to be replaced. Since you can’t just reach in to grab the cable, you’ll have to remove the scrim in order to fix the problem. However, this scrim can be set up and torn down in about 30 seconds, so the visual appeal could be worth it.




  • Black is very versatile
  • Fast set up and tear down
  • Hard to reach cables; no opening

Scrim King SS-SOX-6W

truss cover


Sometimes, a bare lighting truss has the perfect look for your next event. Other times, though, you need something a little softer and more elegant. This is where a truss scrim comes in handy. This truss scrim fits perfectly over any truss stand and looks more like a marble column than a piece of stage equipment.


The white cloth used to make the scrim is machine washable and fire resistant. If you’re using older lights that heat up quickly, that’s a level of safety that cannot be ignored. One note: this specific scrim only fits trusses 3- to 7-feet tall. If you’re looking to get a scrim for a taller truss, there are plenty of great options listed below.




  • Elegant white color for classy events
  • Fire-resistant and easy to wash
  • Too short for many trusses

Scrim King SS-SOX-6B

truss cover


This is the same model of truss scrim from Scrim Kings as the one above, but in sleek black. With this scrim, you can black out your lighting rig and have a more presentable setup for your client. It makes your setup look neat and professional with very little work.


This scrim slips over the truss just like a sock. It’s fitted but not tight, which means it’s easy to work with and won’t restrict your ability to set up and change your lighting. For any professional DJ, this will become a piece of gear you’ll never want to forget! You may not always need it, but it’s a breeze to use when you do.




  • Easy to set up
  • Gives a clean, professional look
  • Only stretches up to seven feet

Scrim King SS-SOX-9W

truss cover


This contemporary, stylish truss scrim is perfect for the DJ who needs to cover longer trusses with something modern and sleek. It can stretch over a 12-foot truss, making it a great choice for versatility. There is hardly a truss available that this scrim cannot cover.


White is a great color for a truss scrim because it fits almost any type of event decor. It slides effortlessly onto the truss so you can quickly put it on and take it off. And, similar to other white scrims on this list, you can cast light on them to match the color scheme of the gig you’re working!




  • Perfect for taller trusses
  • Comes with zipper holes for lighting clamps
  • Hard to secure without clamps/ties

Scrim King SS-SOX-9B

truss cover


This extra-long black truss scrim will come in handy time and time again. Whether you’re working a wedding, corporate event, or conference, a black scrim will never look out of place. They do a great job of hiding and containing cords, and they’re much simpler than using velcro wraps on every single cable.


The only real downside of these truss scrims is that they need to be secured at the top if you’re using them vertically, but they don’t come with clasps to do that. So you have to make sure that you have clasps or some other method of securing them on hand, or else you’ll be pretty disappointed when you arrive at your gig.




  • Classy black color matches everything
  • Tall and stretchy fabric for versatility
  • Needs clasps to be used vertically

Scrim King Stand Clip



These clamps are hands-down the best choice for securing your scrims. They’re easy to use and manufactured by Scrim Kings to work perfectly with their diverse lineup of scrims. If you want to keep your scrims from falling down due to gravity or wind, these scrim clips are perfect for the job!


They’re available in quantities of one or four and they’re very affordable. They work extremely well, but there’s one drawback. They’re round clamps that don’t open up; you have to slide them over the pole and then tighten them. This means you have to put them on before the speaker and you have to take the speaker off if you want to remove it, which is tedious and time-consuming.




  • Holds all Scrim King and other brands
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Doesn’t open up; slides over only

Scrim King SS-TBL401-W Table Scrim

table cover


Something that is often forgotten when building a professional collection of DJ equipment and gear is the table. We spend so much time thinking about what goes on the table that we forget to think about what the table actually looks like. Having a professional DJ table scrim is the perfect way to punch up the style of your setup with minimal effort.


This scrim is perfect for a table that is four feet wide. It’s made of strong, flexible fabric and hooks on each of the legs of the table. Once on the table, the fabric sits tightly to look smooth and clean–no flowy cloth or wrinkles to worry about with this scrim. If you have a table scrim, you likely won’t ever DJ without it!




  • Shiny white fabric fits all aesthetics
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Rather expensive for the size

Scrim-King SS-TBL01-B Table Scrim

table cover


This white table scrim is designed for larger tables that are 6- to 8-feet in length. If you have a wider DJ table or you tend to use whatever tables are available at the venue, this is an invaluable tool that you’ll turn to time and time again.


The backside of this DJ table scrim is open, meaning that you’ll have quick access to whatever equipment you need to store under the table. It slips over the table and fits like a glove, plus the black material is unassuming and stylish. If you’re looking to hide the cables and wires in your DJ setup or you just want to dress up an ugly folding table, this is the way to do it!




  • Fits larger tables, 6-8 feet
  • Open back for easy equipment access
  • Won’t fit smaller or round tables

Scrim King SS-TBL01-B Table Scrim d

table cover


This table scrim is made specifically for a 6-foot table and won’t do a great job of stretching or shrinking to fit other sizes. However, since 6-foot tables are one of the most common sizes, you shouldn’t run into issues very often. This DJ table scrim covers all four sides of the table, giving it a great, solid look that feels more expensive than it actually is. It’s a great piece of equipment that you’ll want to have with you no matter what type of gig you are heading to.


The scrim has three slots that cables and wires can run through, so you can set everything up in a clean, organized way. No more messes of cables, just a sleek, professional DJ at work. If you typically set up on a 6-foot table or you’re looking for a table scrim to keep in your vehicle just in case, this is the perfect one.




  • Perfect for 6 foot tables
  • 3 holes for wire/cable management
  • Can only fit one size of table

Scrim King X Stand Scrim

table cover


DJ’s and musicians use X-stands as a quick, portable stand to hold keyboards, turntables, or any other flat piece of equipment. They’re much faster and simpler than tables, and that’s why they’re a go-to piece of equipment for DJ’s everywhere. Having a nice X-stand scrim is a great way to improve your look and help you manage cables.


This scrim is machine washable, which is important when you’re dealing with the color white. You can trust that it won’t lose its shape or elasticity and will be a bright, appealing scrim you’ll use over and over. It’s perfect for events like weddings, religious events, or any other event that needs a touch of elegance.




  • Stylish and easy to use
  • Hides chords easily
  • Can appear wrinkled at corners

Rockville RSC5B X Stand Scrim

table cover


This is the best black X-stand scrim around. It’s supremely affordable, easy to use, and comes with a carrying case for storage. It will fit over any X-stand and it’s an effortless way to increase your professionalism. It also has a pocket for running cables, making it easy to hide and organize them.


This scrim also includes a nice feature that helps the stability of the overall setup: rubber foot pads. These rubber pads are helpful because the scrim’s cloth material covers up the rubber feet of the X stand. So, with rubber pads on the scrim itself, there is no chance of your stand–or the valuable equipment on top of it–sliding around during the gig.




  • Rubber foot pads prevent slippage
  • Hole for cord and cable management
  • Doesn’t fit taller stands

Best DMX Controller – Buyer’s Guide


What is a speaker stand cover (also called a scrim)?


Speaker stand covers are pieces of stretchy (usually nylon and polyester) fabric that cover your speaker stands to hide wiring and other unattractive pieces of equipment. They’re used in event settings where the DJ or production company wants to present everything in a clean, streamlined way. A good scrim, which is the technical name for a speaker stand cover, can make the difference between a good and bad experience for your client.


Scrims are used often in weddings because weddings tend to have a soft, textile-filled atmosphere. Without a scrim, metal speaker stands often clash with the decor of a romantic environment. If you work weddings, anniversaries, or similar events, a collection of high-quality scrims is a definite must on your gear list!

What are the benefits of using a scrim?

Cable Management


Let’s face it, there’s nothing attractive about speaker cables. On top of that, having a dozen or more cables running all throughout your setup can quickly become disorganized. With a speaker stand cover, you can keep all your cables organized and hidden, letting you (and your clients) enjoy the gig without the headache!




Speaker stands, by themselves, don’t have much of an aesthetic to them. If anything, they’ll remind people of the amateur DJ at a neighborhood picnic or, even worse, a college party. Using the best speaker stand cover shows your clients that you’ve gone the extra mile to be a vendor who looks as good as they sound!


Lighting Options 


To add to the aesthetic of your gig, there are two great ways to light up your scrim. First, you can throw light over the scrim, which is a simple way to add some color to your setup. Second, you can place an LED light behind or inside the scrim to create a glowing effect that evenly distributes a soft, aesthetically-pleasing light, which adds a ton of value to your DJ work!


Easy to Clean/Store 


Scrims are one of the simplest pieces of equipment a DJ you’ll ever own. They’re easy to use, wash and store. You can just toss them in a bag and forget about them until you need them.


Types of Speaker Stand Covers


Speaker Stand Scrims


Speaker stand scrims are used to cover the stands that hold your PA’s–or speakers. They can come in three different forms: one, two, and three-sided. They are usually triangular in shape and attach to the feet of the stand. They’re easy to set up; just about as easy as putting on your own clothes for the day! Investing in a quality speaker stand cover is definitely worth it with minimal hassle.


Lighting Stand Scrims


A mixer is a stand-alone device that doesn’t require any software from a laptop to play music. Typically, you would connect a mixer to your turntables or CDJ to mix music, but a DJ controller is unique and convenient because it has a mixer built in. Because it’s built into the controller, it does require DJ software to download and play music, but depending on your style and skill level, using an all-in-one piece of equipment like a DJ controller could provide you with the simplicity and organization you need.


Lighting Stand Scrims


Lighting stand scrims are used to cover the taller, slimmer lighting stands that typically hold LED lights during DJ gigs. These scrims also come in double and triple-sided configurations, so you have options for different lighting situations. The stretch fabric can extend anywhere from seven to twelve feet in height, making them versatile enough for any lighting setup!


Truss Scrims


Truss scrims are a bit different than speaker and lighting stand scrims; they are made in a square shape that contours to trusses better than a triangle or circular scrim would. They fit onto the truss almost like a sleeve and some have a zipper on one side for easy installation. They help cover up the gray steel structure of a truss to make your setup look more elegant.


How To Transport Scrims

Transporting your scrims might seem really simple. Just toss them in the car and forget about them, right? Well, it is simple, but in order to take care of your scrims, you need to transport them safely.


First, always use the carrying case that arrives with the scrim. This works in two ways: one, it prevents them from getting dirty, and two, it prevents tears in the fabric. It’s also a good idea to keep your scrims in a duffel bag as an extra precaution. Using a duffle bag also prevents you from losing a scrim in transit, which can happen easily since scrims are small and lightweight.


One last tip for prolonging the life and usefulness of your scrims: don’t transport them underneath anything heavy. Putting a PA or subwoofer over your scrim will create wrinkles in the fabric. Wrinkles aren’t hard to remove, but you’ll save a lot of time and frustration by simply putting your scrims on top of the pile!


What Material Are Speaker Stand Covers Made Of?


Speaker stand covers are usually made from one of two materials. The first is cotton and polyester, which is what many standard t shirts are made of. The combination of cotton and polyester is easy to wash, holds its shape well, and is stretchy enough to fit over your stands. However, this is probably the least common material for speaker stand covers.


More common is a material that goes by a few different names: polyurethane, Spandex, or Lycra. This is a synthetic fabric that is made from the same base material as polyester, so it’s extremely soft and flexible. It’s strong stretch factor makes it a great choice for speaker stand covers. The cover will expand to fit any size of speaker stand and not lose its shape! A quality speaker stand cover won’t stretch and will last for a long time.


How Much Do Speaker Stand Scrims Cost?


The cost of a speaker stand scrim depends on the size and purpose of the item. For example, a scrim used for an X-stand is going to be cheaper than one for a full-sized truss scrim.


The cheapest scrims are going to be for small speaker stands or X-stands. They require less fabric and flexibility, so they’re less expensive to produce. These products will generally cost between $25 and $50, depending on the brand.


The next tier of prices for scrims will be for larger speaker stand covers, triple sided speaker stand scrims, small to medium truss scrims, and table scrims. These scrims, for the most part, will run between $45 and $80.


The most expensive scrims are going to be tall truss scrims and large table scrims. These will usually set you back about $100.


How To Use a Scrim


Setting up a scrim is very simple. Usually, it won’t take you longer than a minute or two to finish the job. The first thing you’ll do is attach the clasp to the speaker stand. Slide the clasp over the neck of the speaker stand and make sure the hook faces up. Make sure to tighten the clasp before moving on.


Next, hang the scrim on the clasp hook. At this point, you may be tempted to place the speaker on the stand, but not yet. You’ll need to tip the stand to attach the scrim to each leg, so having a heavy speaker on top is a bad idea.


To finish putting the scrim on, attach each corner of the scrim to one leg of the stand. The scrim will have a little pocket in the corner for each leg, so simply tip the stand, attach the scrim, and make sure it’s tight and secure. Now you’re done and it’s time to put your speaker on the stand!

Creative Ways To Light Up Your Scrim




The easiest way to light a scrim is to put an LED or par light at the base of the scrim. This allows you to create a glowing effect that will wow your client. It also helps you match your lighting to the colors of the venue.




You can put lasers either inside or outside a scrim (table scrims especially) to further your options for dynamic lighting. A laser light is a creative way to elevate your performance, especially since you can sync it to the music. Lasers make a speaker stand cover look incredible – your clients will dig it!


LED Lighting Effects


LED lights are very versatile and programmable; they’re an essential piece of equipment for any DJ. When you place one inside a scrim, you can light up the scrim in different colors and use the effects to create a glowing, dynamic DJ setup that your clients will love.


Choosing the Right Scrim For Your Setup


To find the best speaker stand cover or any other scrim, look at the equipment you have on hand and what’s available at the venue (if applicable). That way, you can decide whether you need a lighting stand scrim, a speaker stand scrim, or any other decorative equipment.


Next, think of the atmosphere of the place you’ll be working. Is it a black tie event? Black scrims may seem like a great choice, but white ones might add elegance to the affair. On the other hand, a more edgy event like a dance party, concert, or a formal business event is a perfect place to use a black scrim. When faced with too many choices, ask yourself, “If I were my client, how would I want to create the perfect atmosphere?” That way, you can anticipate your clients’ desires and satisfy them every time!