PA Speaker Stands – Buyer’s Guide (February 2022)


best pa speaker stands

Speaker stands matter. It’s easy to overlook the importance of your PA speaker stands, but in reality, they’re essential for quality sound projection. They’re an easy way to maximize the performance of your DJ speakers because sound carries better over a crowd rather than through it. PA speaker stands are dependable and versatile because they function in every venue, so they can always be your go-to sound solution.


However, shopping for the best speaker stands quickly becomes difficult because they all appear to be the same black tripod.


To help you find a high quality tripod speaker stand at the best price, we’ve compiled a list of the best DJ speaker stands on the market and categorized them by their strengths. It’s important to invest in a high quality speaker stand not only for improved sound quality, but also for the safety of you and your equipment.


Check out our list of the best PA speakers below! Also, don’t forget to check out our in-depth reviews of great PA speakers and subwoofers.


Name CategoryPrice
Gator Frameworks ID Series Speaker StandsBest OverallPA speaker stands
Gator Frameworks Standard Speaker StandBest Budget Heavy duty

PA speaker stands
Ultimate Support TS-100BBest Mid-PricePA speaker stands
On-Stage SSP7950Best LightweightPA speaker stands
n-Stage SSP7900 Speaker StandsBest Budget LightweightPA speaker stands
Rockville Tripod StandBest Color OptionsPA speaker stands
Ultimate Support JS-TS50Best Bundle DealPA speaker stands
Pyle Speaker StandMost VersatilePA speaker stands
American Audio LED Speaker StandBest LED StandPA speaker stands
AmazonBasics Adjustable StandBest BudgetPA speaker stands


1. Gator Frameworks ID Series Speaker Stands



Best overall The Gator Frameworks ID Series provides heavy duty speaker stands with a design ahead of its time. It arrives as a sleek, compact cylinder with only one small knob. You open it with a unique CAM function, which makes adjustments easy and locks securely. The best feature of this speaker stand by far is the piston-powered lift system that raises the speaker with no assistance. Instead of lifting the speaker by yourself, you can lift and lock your speaker into place with one hand. With a 60 Lb weight capacity, this is one of the best hydraulic speaker stands available and it will save you a lot of effort.


Additionally, it comes with an adjustable third leg to keep the ID tripod speaker stand level on uneven surfaces, making it adaptable for both indoor and outdoor events. This Gator Frameworks PA speaker stand can accommodate different speaker ports because it includes a sliding adapter that fits 35mm or 38mm speakers. These PA speaker stands will give you the best overall performance because they’re highly versatile, strong, and easy to use.


  • Hydraulic lift
  • Two-pack
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Carrying case included
  • Heavy
  • Low weight capacity


2. Gator Frameworks Standard Speaker Stand


Best heavy dutyThe Gator Frameworks Standard PA speaker stands are the classic, black, tripod stands you typically find at any large event. They’ll quickly become your go-to speaker stand because they’re lightweight, travel-friendly, and they arrive with a carrying bag. What’s really impressive about this speaker stand, though, is that it can support up to 125 lbs. You can trust that this stand will support whatever speakers you own.


This Gator Frameworks stand also includes fine details for protection and longevity. There are red safety rings on the feet of the tripod to prevent accidents that would harm your equipment or your guests. The red safety rings are removable if you prefer a more cohesive appearance. Plus, it has a dual diameter inner tube to mount a 35mm or 38mm speaker, so it’s amazingly versatile. The strength and versatility of these heavy duty speaker stands make them some of the best on stage speaker stands. They’re also a great option for someone on a budget because they come in a pack of two.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • 2 stands and carrying bag
  • Unoriginal design
  • Manual lift


3. Ultimate Support TS-100B


Best mid priceThe Ultimate Support TS-100B speaker stand is another great option for demanding jobs. This PA speaker stand can easily elevate your best speakers because it can hold up to 150 lbs. Because raising speakers can be such a strenuous job, the Ultimate Support tripod speaker stand comes with a lift assist. It was designed with the most difficult jobs in mind.


This speaker stand is one of the best options for someone who works large events with heavy professional equipment. The strong design of this speaker stand will protect and support speakers all at a reasonable price, so you can save money, time, and energy.



  • Two pack
  • Lift assist
  • Heavy duty
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • No carrying case included


4. On-Stage SSP7950


Best lightweight The small but mighty On-Stage SSP7950 could be the best PA speaker stand for a DJ constantly on the move. It’s strategically designed to combine lightweight construction with maximum performance: it’s almost 5 lbs. but it supports up to 120 lbs. This speaker stand uses locking pins to ensure your speakers are mounted securely, so you can trust that the lightweight On-Stage SSP7950 will never compromise in strength.


The On-Stage PA speaker stands include an adjustable shaft to accommodate different speakers, plus a carrying case. The nylon carry bag will protect your speaker stands from any damage that could compromise performance, but you can also use it to transport other equipment like mic stands or drum hardware.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • Fewer height options
  • Manual lift
  • Plastic screws


5. On-Stage SSP7900 Speaker Stands


budget light weight If you’re looking for more affordable PA speaker stands from On-Stage like the one above, this On-Stage SSP7900 could be the best speaker stand for you. This tripod also has a high weight capacity–it can hold up to 120 lbs.–even though it only weighs about 8 lbs. The On-Stage brand has mastered lightweight speaker stands with professional results.


Your purchase will include two On-Stage SSP7900 PA speaker stands, so you get great value for the money you spend. It also comes with a convenient carry bag like the one above. These heavy duty PA speaker stands are some of the best options if you’re looking for something strong, lightweight, and affordable.



  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Two Pack
  • Carry bag included
  • Fewer height options
  • Manual lift


6. Rockville Tripod Stand


Best color optionsThe Rockville Tripod Stand will always get the job done. It’s competitively priced compared to other cheap recommendations listed above, plus its steel construction makes it strong and durable. Unlike most PA speaker stands, the Rockville Tripod comes in black or white, which can add to the appearance of your setup: it can blend in dark venues or pop in more elegant settings. Another unique feature of the Rockville Tripod is the interior air cushion that allows you to lower your speaker slowly and safely, which could ultimately save you and your equipment from harm.


The Rockville Tripods come in a two-pack with a carrying case, so you get the best value for your money. Plus, it’s versatile: it can function as a speaker stand OR a light stand. Bring the Rockville Tripod to any gig and it will adapt to help you get the job done.



  • Black and white options
  • Safe lowering mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Extendable legs for uneven surfaces
  • Manual lift
  • Jack of all trades but master of none


7. Ultimate Support JS-TS50


Bundle dealThe Ultimate Support JS-TS50 is a breeze to setup, teardown, and move. The simplistic design makes it a user-friendly, easy choice for fast paced setup. Despite its simple appearance, the Ultimate Support JS-TS50 is strong enough to hold up to 120 lbs., so you never have to worry. In addition, it’s lightweight, so it’s a clear choice for someone in the fast-paced DJ world that needs a simple, straight-forward speaker stand.


The Ultimate Support JS-TS50 comes in a two-pack along with a free carrying bag, so you get a lot in this package for an extremely low price. It’s also taller than some of the other speaker stands available, reaching almost 7 feet. This Ultimate Support DJ speaker stand will deliver stability and simplicity with little effort wherever you go.


  • User-friendly
  • Tall
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Carrying bag included
  • Not suitable for prolonged heavy lifting
  • Lower price equals lower performance


8. Pyle Speaker Stand


Most versatile The Pyle Speaker Stands are a top seller for good reason. They’re as simple and easy to use as the Ultimate Support stand listed above, but with some extra strength. The Pyle Speaker Stands weigh only a few pounds but they can support a variety of speakers thanks to their reinforced tubing. These heavy duty speaker stands are highly versatile because they work well with any 35mm speaker insert–everything from loudspeakers to projectors.



This Pyle Speaker Stand is one of the most affordable options, so it’s great for filling any gaps in your setup. It telescopes up to almost 6 feet and secures with knob tension locks. It’s an easy addition to any gear you may already own and it will make your setup fast and simple.



  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly
  • No carrying case included
  • Unstable at full height outdoors


9. American Audio LED Speaker Stand


Led standIf you love working at clubs or parties, the American Audio LED Speaker Stand can add some memorable flair to your set design. Like any other tripod stand, this speaker stand is designed to support your speakers with strength and stability, but its legs illuminate with LED lights. With the IR remote, you can choose from 20 different colors or control 22 dynamic light modes. The American Audio LED Speaker Stand makes it easy to match your equipment with the energy of various events.



Sometimes, it’s difficult to use PA speaker stands in a way that doesn’t interfere with the visual appeal of a space, but LED speaker stands have the opposite effect. They are an easy way to elevate your visual appeal and set the energy of an event. Plus, their sturdy and durable design guarantees they will wow a crowd even at outdoor venues. The American Audio LED Speaker Stand is both functional and fun.



  • Less than 1 lb.
  • Remote included
  • Unique LED light design
  • Equipped with weather protection
  • No carrying case
  • Lower weight limit
  • Inappropriate for professional environments


10. AmazonBasics Adjustable Stand


Best budget This last speaker stand is another competitive option when it comes to strength, simplicity, and affordability. The AmazonBasics Adjustable Stand is user-friendly and easy to set up if you’re in a rush before a show. The simplistic design of this AmazonBasics speaker stand also makes it versatile: use it on stage, at home, or in a studio. For extra security, this speaker stand has adjustable legs so your speakers are level on uneven surfaces, and it uses safety pins to lock your speakers at your preferred height.



Not only is the AmazonBasics Adjustable Stand affordable, but this two-pack comes with the 1-year Amazon warranty to make sure you get your money’s worth. In addition, this speaker stand is one of the taller options, which helps to maximize sound quality. You can trust that this AmazonBasics speaker stand will deliver professional performance at an affordable price.



  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Tall
  • Extendable legs for stability
  • 1-year Amazon warranty
  • No carrying case
  • Plastic clamps


PA Speaker Stands – Buyer’s Guide


What Is a Speaker Stand?


There are several ways to mount a speaker, and a speaker stand allows you to mount anywhere. Most speaker stands are adjustable tripods that, after you mount your speaker on top, you can raise your speaker to your desired height.


Many DJs rely on speaker stands because they allow sound to travel farther while maintaining clarity. Speakers on the ground struggle to project sound through a crowd, which makes a speaker stand helpful because it raises your PA system over your audience so your sound can travel uninterrupted. You can achieve this same effect by flying your speakers on cables from the ceiling or by mounting them on trussing, but not all venues offer those options. That’s why PA speaker stands are essential: you can set them up in any venue.


Why Having a Quality Speaker Stand Matters


It’s easy to overlook the importance of a speaker stand, however, it deserves the same amount of care and attention as the rest of your equipment: speaker stands are necessary for producing high quality sound because sound travels better over a crowd rather than through it.


For this reason, investing in a great speaker stand is an investment in your sound quality. A good speaker stand should be durable, strong, and stable to prevent any potential accidents that could ruin your equipment or–much worse–hurt someone in the audience.

Speaker Stand Safety Tips


Team Lifting


You don’t have to lift a speaker on your own. Speakers vary in size and weight, but they’re typically at least 20 lbs., and it’s not uncommon to find speakers upwards of 40-50 lbs. The easiest way to raise your speaker, then, is for one person to hold the speaker while another locks it into place.


Placement (keep out of heavily trafficked areas so clients/guests won’t trip)


Because your speakers need a steady base, the legs on your speaker stand will usually spread wide. Make sure to place your speaker stands out of the way so guests don’t trip on the legs. As an extra precaution, you can mark the base of your speaker stand with bright rubber feet or reflective tape.


Self-Lifting (allows you to place speaker on the stand before raising it, meaning you don’t have to lift the speaker as high to mount it on the stand)


Some speaker stands like the Gator Frameworks ID Series or the Ultimate Support TS-100B offer self-lifting features or lift assist. This means that after you mount your speaker on the stand, an internal spring-loaded system will raise the speaker and save you a lot of effort. Self-lifting speaker stands help to prevent strain and accidents.


Air-Compression Lowering


Lifting your speaker is half the battle. Some stands, like the Rockville Tripod stand, offer an air-compression lowering system so you have more control when you dismount your speakers.


Follow Weight Guidelines


Avoid mounting speakers that exceed the weight limit of your stand and, if you have a heavy PA system, invest specifically in speaker stands for large speakers. Further, pay attention as your speaker stands age and use common sense to determine what your older speaker stands can handle.


Protecting Your Speaker Stands


The average life of a DJ usually includes traveling from gig to gig, which can be rough on any piece of equipment. It’s especially important to protect your speaker stands while traveling because any damage could potentially weaken your stand and cause an accident.


Luckily, companies often design carrying cases to specifically fit their equipment, so it’s easy to find a protective bag for your speaker stand. Further, several of the speaker stands listed above include carry bags. So, if you know for certain that you’ll travel often from gig to gig, consider the value of buying a speaker stand with a suitable bag so your equipment will last for many years to come.



Fun Options for PA Speaker Stands




Self-lifting speakers allow you to set up quickly with less effort. Plus, because they’re designed to lift heavy duty speakers, they are some of the most durable and strong options. They’re great for fast paced jobs with high quality, professional equipment.


Colors (black is standard, some stands come in white which can look elegant at weddings)


Whether you go to a club, a concert, or a church, you’ll typically see black speaker stands. Black is the standard color for speaker stands but some brands offer more. For example, the Rockville Tripod Stand comes in a white color, which could look elegant at weddings or classy events. You can also invest in colorful speaker stands to add style at a club or party.


LED (check out the American Audio LED stand).


Like colorful speaker stands, LED tripods allow you to enhance your visual effects. Plus, you can choose from many different colors with just one speaker stand. The American Audio LED Stand, for example, offers 20 colors and several dynamic modes. With an LED speaker stand, you elevate both your audio and visual experience.


Dual Diameter (makes the speaker stand more versatile)


The majority of speakers have a 35mm or 38mm port for mounting, so a dual diameter inner tube ensures that you can always pair your DJ speaker with a stand. A speaker stand with an adjustable diameter can accommodate both 35mm and 38mm speakers, making it an overall versatile investment.


Carrying bag


As mentioned above, protecting your speaker stands is essential for the safety and longevity of your equipment. Many DJ speaker stands come with a carrying case included, all at an affordable price.


How To Set Up Speakers On a Stand


Setting speakers on stands seems pretty straightforward. But like anything, paying attention to the details sets you apart.


Here’s a few pointers on how to properly mount speakers on a stand:


Make sure your speakers are mounted at the right height.


The purpose of a speaker stand is to raise your sound system off the ground and improve sound quality because the height of your speakers significantly impacts your sound coverage and clarity. Although short PA speaker stands may be useful in some situations, the best height for your speakers is usually just above ear-level.


Make sure your speakers aren’t placed too close to the audience.


In small venues, placing speaker right at eye level may hurt people’s ears. Same goes for placing a speaker right by a dining table at a wedding.


For obvious reasons, you don’t want to place your speaker stand too close to your audience because direct sound is too powerful for most people. Keep a safe distance between your speakers and your audience, and angle your speakers inward toward the crowd so you maintain good coverage.


Indoor vs. Outdoor


Sound carries differently in every setting, and this is especially true when you compare indoor and outdoor venues. For indoor venues, it’s important to consider how your sound might reflect off the walls and cause distortion. For outdoor venues, it’s important to control the direction of the sound and to position your speaker stands on solid ground.


Make sure there’s a clear sound path from speakers to audience.


For most people, this is common sense, but some venues require more creativity than others. Outdoor venues could present obstacles like trees, or a house party often means your sound has to travel around walls. Test your speakers and position them with a clear path to your audience to the best of your ability.


What To Look For In a PA Speaker Stand




The best speaker stand can withstand heavy jobs and constant travel, so it will last you a long time without breaking down. Consider what it’s made of (i.e. steel vs. plastic).




A great speaker stand will accommodate a variety of speakers of different weights and sizes, and it will bring professional presentation to various events.




It’s important to consider the weight of the speaker stand as well as its weight capacity. Make sure your stands can hold the size and weight of your speakers.




The best speaker stand is efficient and easy to use. We highly recommend speaker stands that are self-lifting. This eliminates the need to raise heavy speakers onto a high stand, which is much safer.




There are so many speaker stands that appear the same, but with good research and guidance, you can eliminate the guessing game. The best PA speaker stands will improve sound quality while protecting your equipment, so it’s worth investing in something strong, stable, and durable. A professional speaker stand with good ergonomics will make your job easy and your performance memorable.