Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4 Review



Check out one of the industry leaders in wireless DMX, battery-powered wash lighting!


We just need to say it up front… this light is amazing! Way to be Chauvet! When it comes to quality DJ/production lighting, these guys are a company to keep an eye on. Several years ago Chauvet wowed the DJ world with the introduction of their freedom series. Allow us to introduce you to one of their finest freedom products…


When the Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4 was unleashed upon the world, DJ’s around the globe emitted simultaneous sighs of relief, followed by “Finally, a light that does it all!” 


To sum it up, the draw of this fixture is as follows: No power cords. No DMX cables. LEDs that produce RGB, amber, white, and UV! Hence the need to review the Chauvet Freedom Par Hex 4. Read our full review below.


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Individual Lights:

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4 (black)

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4 (white)


Lighting Package Deals:

9 Hex-4 lights + charging road case + wireless controller



Freedom Charge 9 Rolling Case 

Chauvet Di-Fi Wireless Controller

FlareCON Controller – control your lights with any Android/iOS phone or tablet



Chauvet Freedom Par Hex 4













Ditch those annoying power cords as well as the anxiety of hoping there’s enough outlets to accommodate your fixtures. Battery lasts 8 hrs with all colors running, up to 20 hrs on a single color. Doing uplighting for an event? Cut your setup time to 10 minutes with this bad boy!


Excited about the potential of a battery-powered unit, but skeptical that the charging process is more trouble than it’s worth? Be encouraged. With a minimum battery life of 8 hours, most people can get two gigs out of each charge. Additionally, for some extra investment, Chauvet has created an amazing road case that charges nine fixtures at a time! It called the Freedom Charge 9. You can check it out HERE. 


Even if you forego the Freedom Charge 9, charging all your Freedom Par Hex-4 units is not difficult. Set up a power strip in a convenient location and enjoy the immense payoff of battery-powered uplighting at your gigs.


Wireless DMX control


Many newer DJ’s avoid DMX for one simple reason… the cables! But the truth remains – if you want to run a quality light show – DMX is your necessary companion. The Hex-4 offers 6, 8, and 12 channel DMX modes. Needless to say, you have a lot of control. Thanks to Chauvet’s FlareCON air, you can even control these lights with your smartphone (works from up to 600 feet away)!


Cables, cables, cables! Let’s talk about this for a second. Many DJs have been in this scenario – you need to place uplights in a venue, yet the cords quickly become a safety hazard for people walking. Main walkways and doorways make it extremely difficult to link your fixtures safely and effectively. Every venue presents different challenges and physical dimensions, leaving the task of linking each fixture via DMX cables a monumental task! 


Once again, here the Freedom Par Hex-6 comes through with double cord elimination – no power cords OR DMX cables necessary! This protects the safety of all guests at the events (you don’t want to be responsible for tripping up Great Grandma Ruth)! Being untethered also opens new avenues of creativity. The versatility and freedom of no cables is irreplaceable. It gives any mobile entertainer the freedom to quickly and creatively place fixtures far away from power – in places where we’ve always wanted to place them, but practicality held us back. 


Controlling the Hex-4


Many seasoned DJs consider DMX indispensable and it’s easy to see why. Any light performs at its peak when controlled via DMX. In fact, many features of a light can only be accessed in this way. All the same, the looming challenge of cord management holds many entertainers back from attempting it.


With the Chauvet Freedom Par-4 DMX controlling is simple and will up for lighting game considerably. Enjoy color macros, chases, strobing, sound active responsiveness, and all the other bells and whistles these lights offer. Especially for wedding DJ’s whose primary attention is fixed on the couple, creative lighting moments either get dismissed because there’s no time, or lighting takes precedent over the couple. Neither is a good option. The Wireless DMX capabilities of the Freedom Par-4 provide a welcome solution. Once your lights are placed strategically and with minimal effort, controlling them is just as efficient. 


Some fun applications that will instantly make any DJ more professional are:


Grand Entrances that Rock: for any DJ/emcee, grand entrances demand enthusiasm but also concentration. While your brain is desperately trying to pronounce each name correctly, it’s hardly the time to mess around with a complicated lighting show. You can even control your lights via smartphone in the palm of your hand. As you announce “Mr. and Mrs.” enjoy the freedom to welcome the happy couple with sweeps of color, a strobe dance party, or whatever fits the moment!


Dance Floors that Invade the Whole Room: If you’re into DMX as a DJ, you know that when the dance floor erupts, it’s your time to shine. When the dance floor floods with people, there’s nothing as satisfying as a happy crowd dancing under the flicker and glow of your excellent light show. 


But why limit your light show to the dance floor? The Freedom Par Hex-4 allows you to transform the entire room, banquet hall, barn, patio, or wherever you are into an ambient part of the fun. You don’t have to settle for illuminating one designated part of the room – turn the whole space into something you’re proud of.




No surprise that this unit has a serious light game! This unit features 4 10-watt RGBAW + UV LEDs! Enjoy mixing red, green, blue, amber, white, and UV to virtually any hue. Color-wise, this is the most diverse member of Chauvet’s freedom par family. Create dramatic, crowd-pleasing changes with ease.


Imagine transforming an elegant room elegant room illuminated with amber to a glowing, UV-powered dance party! Any gig demanding diverse lighting options will be made easier with the Hex-4. It unquestionably makes creativity more accessible and convenient for any entertainer.  


For more information about black/UV lights, feel free to check out our post: Best Black Lights 2017.


Unique Features:


Convenient carrying handle built-in – the unique, sleek design of the Freedom Par Hex-4 is made conveniently mobile via a sturdy carrying case. 


Lightweight design – this fixture is sturdy/durable yet weighs in at only 6.2 lbs. Transport, carry, and place these fixtures with ease.


Dimensions – 5.4 x 5.7 x 7.2 in (138 x 145 x 184 mm) – easily fits inside truss stand. Highly portable, especially with the Freedom Charge 9 rolling road case.


Black and white housing – this fixture is available in black or white allowing mobile DJ’s to honor the vibe and elegance of any setting.


Compatible with previous freedom par fixtures – for those who have already invested in previous models of Chauvet’s Freedom series, the Hex-4 is fully compatible with earlier models.


Built-in adjustable kickstand a convenient kickstand makes it quick and easy to angle the light in the way you want – whether your illuminating a wall, column, tree, etc.


Glare shield  ever accidentally blinded yourself with a light? Well stop! Each Hex-4 is designed with a glare shield to protect your eyes, as well as those of all guests. Observers can enjoy what the light does without going temporarily blind! 


Recharge time – this unit will fully recharge in 6 hours. If you’ve ever woken up the morning of a gig and realized you forgot to charge your fixtures, the Hex-4’s quick recharge time is a lifesaver.


Mounting – unit includes threaded hole providing diverse mounting options.


Are you a nerd like us? Get more detailed specs on this light HERE.


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FREEDOM CHARGE 9 – protect/charge your investment with ease!


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