Epic DJ Fails!


We all mess up. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Take a look at some of these unforgettable DJ fails…


First things first – no matter how ridiculous an aspiring DJ may be, we all have to start somewhere. An important part of the craft is growing, learning from mistakes, and benefiting from mentors.


Truly excellent DJs have at least one thing in common – they network. If you’re in the DJ game by yourself, we highly encourage you to start gigging with people who are farther along than you. And if you’ve been in the game for a long time, please refuse to hoard your experience and knowledge. Pass it on to others – so that epic DJ fails like these ones never go down again!


As DJs we are a community. We are better together. Enjoy checking out these epic DJ fails!


Which one do you think is the worst?




#1: Let’s Get It To 10!

No matter what you think of this kid’s DJing, you’ve got to appreciate the energy!




#2: Unplugged

Step 1 of any set: make sure your equipment is actually plugged in. It won’t take you long to spot the phoniness of this performance.




#3: Too Awkward To Describe!




#4: Clueless

The lesson here is clear. If you’re going to perform a DJ set on TV, make sure it doesn’t suck!



#5: Awkward Wedding


Perhaps the most crucial moment for any DJ to nail is someone’s wedding, especially a couple’s first dance. Unfortunately this couple experiences a DJ that’s completely unprepared.




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