Best Wireless Microphone – Buyer’s Guide (February 2022)


best wireless microphoneWireless microphones are where it’s at. No cords. No hassle. They’re perfect for karaoke, public speaking, weddings, and worship services. We’re here to help you find the best wireless microphone for your unique context. For first time buyers, you want to know you’re investing in the best professional wireless microphone, not some cheap product. For seasoned professionals, it can be difficult to keep up with new technology. Whether beginner or veteran, we’ve got you covered!


Below you will find our top 10 professional wireless microphones, in categories like handheld, lavalier, and headset. We know you care deeply about your craft, whether you’re a DJ, singer, or production company. To help you, we only highlight trusted brands like Shure, Sennheiser, and Electro-voice which have been industry leaders for decades. We know firsthand that when it comes to wireless mics, you need a product you can trust.


Finding the best wireless microphone should be enjoyable, so take full advantage of our individual product reviews. And don’t forget to read through our full wireless mic buyer’s guide, which will help you make a final decision!


Read below for a quick summary of the best wireless mics, categorized to make your life easier.


Name CategoryPrice
Shure SLXbest handheld micBest Overallbest fog machine
Electro Voice RE3best wireless micBest for DJbest fog machine
Shure BLXbest dual mic setBest Dual Mic Setbest fog machine
Shure SLX 124best lav microphoneBest Combo (lav + handheld)best fog machine
Shure QLXD 124best wireless micBest High-End Combo (lav + handheld)best fog machine
Sennheiser EW 112best lav micBest Lavalier Micbest fog machine
Shure SLX 14best lavalier micMost User-Friendly Lav Micbest fog machine
Audio Technica 3000best handheld wireless micBest Wireless Handheldbest fog machine
Shure GLXD 14Rbest wireless headset micBest Wireless Headset Micbest fog machine
VovoPro 4-Mic Setbest microphone setBest Budget Mic Setbest fog machine


1. Shure SLX24/SM58 (Best Overall)


best wireless microphoneThe Shure SLX24 is one of the best overall wireless microphones out there. It’s unidirectional, meaning it picks up sound from one direction. This makes it a powerful vocal mic, perfect for live performances and studio recording. Thanks to its built-in spherical filter, wind and breath noises are limited. It’s one of the toughest out there, with a proven shock mount system, and a steel mesh grille that withstands rough handling. This mic is road-ready and industry tested.


The Shure SLX24 is one of the best wireless microphones not only because of durability, but also because of its clear sound and excellent volume. It features automatic frequency selection and transmitter setup (960 frequencies across 24MHz bandwidth). The Shure SLX24 is very user-friendly and makes an ideal addition to any professional gear setup.


  • Automatic frequency selection
  • Easy to use
  • Filters out harsh breath noises
  • More expensive than other brands


2. Electro Voice RE3-RE520-5H (Best for DJ)


best dj micThe Electro-Voice Wireless handheld system is one of the best mics for mobile DJs, but we recommend it for other applications too. With this mic, you will experience minimal dropouts, which any wedding DJ appreciates. The last thing you want is the mic dropping out in the middle of the best man’s toast!


We also love the sync function, which links the transmitter to the receiver effortlessly. With up to 36 MHz tuning bandwidth, this wireless handheld system will detect sound clearly and efficiently. The EV achieves a clear low end, natural and present midrange, and detailed high end for excellent acoustic isolation.


The backlit LCD screen clearly displays crucial information such as transmitter battery status, frequency, and mute status. This assures you won’t have to fumble in the dark to check settings or make adjustments. Simple, intuitive button controls allow you to sync, switch frequencies, and make any desired tweaks as you go. Check out the EV wireless system – it will take your setup to the next level!


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Control setting can synchronize
  • Doesn’t include protective case


3. Shure BLX (Best Dual Mic Set)


best dual handheld mic setThe Shure BLX288/PG58 is the best dual mic set out there. It comes with a dual wireless receiver with handheld transmitters and two microphone clips. It’s also got adjustable gain control with easy frequency matching. With up to 14 hours of continuous use and 300 feet of operating range, you can make it through any church service, party, or wedding without worry.


The BLX Vocal Combo Wireless System is simple and easy to use thanks to its world-class design and construction. It features dual wireless channels, QuickScan frequency selection and professional quality vocal microphone capsules for both lead and backup vocals right out of the box. The BLX288/PG58 Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System Includes 2 PG58 handheld transmitters, BLX88 dual-channel receiver, 2 microphone clips, power supply, 4 AA batteries, and user guide. With up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band and one-touch QuickScan frequency selection, you can quickly locate the best frequency.



  • Includes two handheld mics
  • Batteries included
  • Reasonably priced
  • Less tonal distinction between highs, mids, and lows


4. Shure SLX 124 (Best Lav + Handheld)


best wireless microphoneThis Shure SLX Wireless System features one handheld mic and one lavalier mic. We love the versatility of this system – it works great for presentations, weddings, DJ sets, and other events. With included rack hardware and detachable antennas, the SLX4 is ready to go right out of the box, and can easily be installed permanently. Like the other members of the SLX series, the handy sync button pairs mic with transmitter effortlessly. If you’re looking for a quick and easy setup, this mic is worth considering.


The Shure handheld transmitter features a backlit LCD display, so you can monitor your settings at all times. The included Beta 58A microphone accentuates the warmth and clarity of lead and backup vocals. Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding creates crystal-clear sound every time. We love the SLX series in general, but this combo set is particularly diverse and powerful.


  • Includes handheld and lavalier mic
  • Sync button makes setup simple
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Not recommended if you don’t typically use a lavalier


5. Shure QLXD 124 (Best High-End Lav + Handheld)


best wireless micThe Shure QLXD124/85 is the best high-end combo set for all your needs. This combo set includes QLXD2/SM58, WL185, QLXD1, QLXD4, microphone clip, 2 zipper bags, 4 AA batteries, power supply, 2 1/2 wave antennas, 2 BNC cables, 2 BNC bulkhead adapters, rack mount kit, and a user guide. It’s significantly more expensive than Shure’s SLX series, but comes with 2,500 selectable frequencies (compare that to the SLX’s 960).


This system will last up to 9 hours with two AA batteries, or 10 hours with Shure SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. For a company that already sets itself apart in the microphone industry, the QLX-D is one of Shure’s greatest accomplishments. If you’re looking for a super durable, professional microphone system, this handheld and lavalier combo can’t be beat.



  • 2,500 selectable frequencies
  • Includes handheld and lavalier mic
  • Extremely high-quality sound
  • Pricier than SLX and other Shure series


6. Sennheiser EW 112 (Best Lavalier Mic)


best lavalier micIf you’re in the market for a lavalier microphone, the Sennheiser EW 112P G4 is a strong player. It’s omni-directional clip-on mic fastens securely to the speaker, producing clear sounds that’s ideal for weddings, presentations, or other events. Impressively, the range on this unit is 330 feet, so you won’t have to worry about the signal fading on you.


Thanks to its all-in-one system with high flexibility for broadcast sound, including a clip-on omni-directional microphone or the ME 4 and its crystal clear speech intelligibility, you can use this portable lavalier mic set daily and still get the best results. This is the best portable wireless microphone for public speaking, allowing you to walk freely with disregard to sound, background noise, or breathing sounds.



  • Two year warranty
  • 330 foot range
  • Omni-directional
  • Does not include carrying case


7. Shure SLX 14 (Most User-Friendly Lav Mic)


best lav micThe Shure SLX14/93 Lav Mic is the most user-friendly lav mic if you’re looking for something that is powerful and easy to use. It’s ideal for presenters, performers, clergy, and lecturers.The SLX wireless system is known to be powerful and easy to operate, and this lav is no exception. This lav does a great job capturing the speaker, while eliminating ambient noise (such as wind).


This Lav mic kit features an auto frequency scanner, exceptional wireless clarity, and the Shure patented Audio Reference Commanding. This kit includes one WL93 lavalier microphone, one SLX1 body pack transmitter, one SLX4 receiver, tie clip, rack mount kit, two 1/4 wave antennas, power supply, 2 AA batteries, vinyl bag, and user guide. Fast to set up and easy to operate, it is suitable for A/V installations in lecture halls, conference rooms, and houses of worship as well as for use in broadcast applications.



  • Hassle free setup
  • Lightweight body pack
  • User friendly
  • Body pack is larger


8. Audio Technica 3000 (Best Wireless Handheld)


best wireless handheld microphoneThe Audio Technica 3000 Series is the best wireless handheld microphone out there. This series contains the Atw-r3210 True diversity receiver, Atw-t3202 handheld transmitter, Atw-c710 Condenser microphone capsule, Wide 60 MHz UHF Tuning bandwidth and offers 2395 frequencies and a 328′ operating range. This series is designed to provide clear and intelligible natural audio while minimizing potential interference, for stage, television, lecture, event presentation, or house of worship applications.


The Audio-Technica series has all the features that let you keep your signal clear and uninterrupted with ample freedom to move around during presentations and performances. The Audio-Technica 3000 Series is the ideal wireless system for applications of all types in small, medium, or even larger venues. Churches, auditoriums, outdoor events — the Audio Technica 3000 Series provides you with reliable, clear wireless voice amplification so you can reach your audience with confidence.



  • Battery use interchangeable
  • 360 foot range
  • Works in venues of all sizes
  • A bit pricier than other models


9. Shure GLXD 14R (Best Wireless Headset Mic)


best headset microphoneShure rules the market here. The Shure GLXD14R/MX53 is the best wireless headset mic. The GLX-D has proprietary lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with accurate battery metering for up to 16 hours of use when fully charged. This Shure system also offers advanced wireless receiver communities that are easy to find and continuously move away from interference, making sure you find the clearest channel every time.


The GLX-D comes with mounting hardware and detachable antennas, so you can easily install multiple systems if you need to. Also has a full suite of accessories for remote management like frequency managers, antenna distribution and splitters, making it ideal for small to medium houses of worship, schools, and music venues. Enjoy high quality sound while being hands free!



  • 16 hour runtime
  • Hands-free
  • Battery powered – no cords
  • Less sleek than lavalier


10. VovoPro 4-Mic Set (Best Budget Mic Set)


best microphone setThe VovoPro 4-Mic Set is the best budget mic set. It comes with four wireless handheld microphones – each with it’s own channel, XLR output, and volume control. With a 900MHz frequency band, this mic set utilizes 24 bit digital technology for a clean and professional sound. If you’re looking for a financially reasonable mic set, this is an excellent option.


The wide frequency response can help to ensure natural sounding vocals, with four balanced XLR outputs available. You can also use the included brackets for mounting in a rack case, allowing you to use four different frequency sets available, with a total of 16 frequencies. This prevents the microphones from interfering with each other, so each one produces clear, consistent sound.



  • Use all four mics simultaneously
  • Clear, consistent sound
  • Reasonably priced for 4 mics
  • Sound quality could be better


Best Wireless Microphone – Buyer’s Guide


What is a wireless microphone?


wireless mic buyer's guide

A wireless microphone is a microphone that does not have a physical cable connecting it to its recording or amplifying equipment. Wireless microphones are also called radio mics, because they contain small, battery-powered transmitters.


The other half of the wireless audio equipment is contained within a separate unit called a “bodypack”, usually clipped to the user’s belt or concealed under clothing. The bodypack is connected by wire to a “lavalier microphone,” which is a small microphone clipped to the user’s lapel, a headset or earset microphone, or another wired microphone.


Most body pack designs also support a wired instrument connection (e.g., to a guitar). Wireless microphones are widely used in the entertainment industry, television, places of worship, and public speaking to allow public speakers, interviewers, performers, and entertainers to move about freely while using a microphone without requiring a cable attached to the microphone.


Parts of a Wireless Mic


best wireless microphone

There are three important parts of the microphone:


The Grill: the part of the mic you speak into, which allows sound to enter.


The Diaphragm: sits just above the grill, converting sound waves into vibrations, then into an electrical signal.


The Body: of the mic is what protects the delicate parts of the device.

What To Look For


best wireless mic

Budget: Clearly, this will be a deciding factor. Start by looking at what you can spend and what your intended use will be. How much can you spend and what do you intend to use it for?


Venue Size. You will need to decipher what your range is, what frequency you have access to, and how many sources or people you will need to be on a mic. If you need multiple microphones, you’ll need to make sure you purchase a unit that can use more than one.


Type of mic. You have choices here. Do you prefer a wireless, lavalier, handheld, or headset. Some deciding factors here are whether your speaker will be moving around the room, using their hands, or things of the sort.


Analog vs. Digital. Analog uses your microphone to connect to a receiver while digital uses a signal that is typically uninterrupted to transfer the sound.


Wired vs. Wireless?


wired vs. wireless?

The decision between wired and wireless microphones is no longer about sound quality. Some benefits for the wireless are:


Safety: A wireless microphone poses no hazard of tripping as it is cordless. As a performer you won’t have to worry on stage!


Freedom: With a wireless microphone you are able to move around without concern of tangling the wires. Within a large range, you are free to move however you’d like.


Options: Being able to use different transmitters is a huge benefit. With wireless you have the option to use a handheld, a lav or a headset. This freedom can really help your performance if one option is preferred over the other.

Types of Wireless Microphones


types of wireless microphones

Handheld – The handheld microphone is your standard microphone for vocalists. These mics are usually held during the performance or speech, but can also be mounted on a stand if needed for someone like a guitarist.


Lavier – The lavier or lav mic is a small microphone clipped onto clothing from a small bodypack transmitter. This mic is great for conferences, speeches, lectures and houses of worship where the speakers don’t want to hold a mic.


Headset – The headset mic is worn on your head and has a body pack transmitter to relay the signal to the audio equipment, similar to the lav mic. This mic is great for active performers like workout coaches or dancers who need flexibility during their performance.

Benefits of Wireless Mics


benefits of wireless mics

Safety: A wireless microphone poses no hazard of tripping or tangling. If your performance is active, such as dancing, then a wire will interfere with your routine.


Freedom: A wireless microphone is able to be taken all across stage without concern of interfering with any props, side dancers or stage equipment. You can take a wireless mic anywhere!


Options: There are many options with wireless microphones. Depending on your performing needs, there is a handheld, a lav or a headset. Having multiple options can really boost your performance.


Multiple Mics: With wireless it is much easier to have multiple mics in an active performance as the cords won’t get tangled with each other. This is ideal for groups who dance and sing at the same time!


Aesthetics: Having no wires strung across the stage or across your platform makes your performance look a lot cleaner. This will help keep the audience focused on the performance.

Analog vs. Digital?


best DJ wireless microphone

Analog connects your microphone to the receiver via a radio frequency. Digital receivers, use a signal that is typically uninterrupted, like WiFi, to transfer the sound. Digital technology is generally more expensive.


While both are reliable options, going digital gives you obvious benefits. You can definitely use an analog unit if you know you won’t find many frequency interruptions or plan on being in a smaller environment.


Which Wireless Mic To Buy?


best handheld wireless microphone

As with any purchase, it’s important to consider what you really need. Ask yourself the following questions:


How large will your audience or group be?

How big is your venue?

How many hours of broadcasting or recording are you doing?

What is your budget?

What style of mic (lav, handheld, headset) makes most sense in your context?


Some of the things we’ve considered in this article are cost, level of user-friendliness, and sound quality. Have fun browsing through our list of best wireless microphones. We’re confident that you will find what you need, so enjoy!


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best wireless microphone, we hope this review has been helpful. There are so many great products on the market, so check out our categories and individual product reviews to locate exactly what you need. Wireless mics make any event more safe and fun, so whatever kind you choose, take your craft to the next level!