Best Haze Machines – Buyer’s Guide (February 2022)

Looking for the best haze machine? Bring your lights to life and create an unforgettable atmosphere! Check out our haze machine reviews below.


Looking to accentuate your lighting and take things to the next level? A haze machine will take your whole light lineup to the next level – whether LEDs, lasers, moving heads, or disco balls. We’ve reviewed the best: Chauvet hazer machine, Marq, ADJ, you name it!


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What is a haze machine?


First things first. Haze machines are cool! Whether you’re a DJ, lighting specialist, venue owner, or a part of a stage production, haze machines create an incredible effect that highlights your lighting. If you’re looking to add atmosphere and ambience to a room, or want to highlight your lighting effects, haze is a convenient and fun way to do so.


Haze machines create a thin layer of atmosphere throughout a room. When light beams hit the haze particles, they become more visible. It’s more subtle than conventional fog, but contributes a lot to the look and feel of any production.


Haze machine vs. fog machine?


What is the difference between a haze and fog machine? A common concern with regular fog machines is their tendency to trigger smoke alarms. Haze machines are far less likely to set off fire alarms, making them ideal for indoor use… but without the thick clouds often associated with fog.


Additionally, as a DJ it’s common to be crammed into a tiny space in the venue. You may desire to accentuate your lighting with fog, but in such a tight space it will choke out the party! Likewise, in a small theater production or more intimate venue, fog often triggers asthma and distracts from the production instead of enhancing it. Haze machines provide a quiet, efficient way  to make your lights “pop” without making clients cough!


Some key differences between fog and haze:

  • Haze is generally less dense, creates less of a visible cloud, and does not irritate people’s breathing ability as dramatically as fog. Typically you can’t see haze in the air.
  • On average, haze has a less detectable scent than fog.
  • Haze will accentuate your lighting (making light beams more visible), but not as dramatically as fog.
  • Fog machines vaporize fluid using heat, while haze machines do this without heat in a compression chamber.


Looking for an article on hazer vs. fogger? Check it out here!


What You Shouldn’t Use Haze For

haze machine hazer fogAlthough there are plenty of good reasons to use a haze machine, there are a few good reasons to opt for fog instead. For example, if you’re looking to create a dense cloud that completely envelopes your audience, stage, or haunted house… haze is not the way to go. To achieve this type of dramatic fog effect, you will definitely need a solid fog machine. You can check out our excellent reviews on the latest fog machines here.


Another reason to use fog instead of haze is when you’re operating in an outdoor environment. Like we mentioned above, haze is not nearly as dense as fog, so even the slightest breeze will dissipate the haze rendering your effect useless. Haze is an excellent option for indoor applications, but will not serve you well outdoors.


If you are planning to perform in an outdoor setting, there are two important things to look for. First, a fog machine with a high volume output. For a list of professional-grade, high-output foggers, check out our top picks here.


Secondly, for outdoor fog success you will need an especially dense fog fluid. Producing more fog is part of the equation, but producing the right type of fog (more dense) is equally important. We’ve done the homework for you! For an extensive list of DJ-approved fog fluids, check out our reviews here.


Take Your Lights Up a Notch!


Whether you’re a mobile DJ, club owner, or someone who just really geeks out over lighting, haze machines can add a lot to your setup. Here’s a few creative ideas to consider when utilizing a hazer in your unique context. We thought it would be fun to highlight some of the ways haze machines truly shine (or allow your lights to shine to be more precise… you get it).


#1: Lasers 


laser haze machine fog hazerOne of the best applications for any haze machine is to highlight your lasers. Without some sort of dense particle in the air, a laser’s beam will remain invisible – allowing you to see only a dot on the floor, ceiling, or wall. This will not do! In order to wow your guests with the beauty and general rad-ness (yes that’s a word) of a laser beam, pair it with a hazer and create a truly epic effect.


There are endless possibilities for pairing a haze machine with lasers. From a DJing perspective, lasers are great for the climactic moments of a song. If you’re spinning dubstep, trigger your lasers at the drop! One thing’s for sure, if you’ve been using lasers without haze or fog, you need to make the switch!


#2: Wash Lighting


haze fog machine wash lightingAnother great way to utilize haze machines and to step up your lighting game is using wash lighting, spotlighting, or stage lighting. Again, these lights can be effective without haze or fog, but consider using haze for added depth and character. With most stage lights, haze will make beams visible and create more of a spotlight effect.


Using haze allows you to manipulate/control the atmosphere of a DJ set or production with increased effectiveness. As light diffuses (spreads) through the haze particles, it will feel like the room is almost glowing. Color fades and changes will feel warmer and more comprehensive. Nothing beats haze machines for creating dramatic yet unintrusive lighting effects. Achieve something stunning without overwhelming your audience with a dense cloud of fog.


#3: LED Effects & Moving Heads


haze machine lights LED DJA staple of any light show are LED and moving head FX. In addition to great music, there’s nothing that ignites the dance floor like the perfect lighting atmosphere. A popular choice (and for good reason) for many DJs are moving heads – lights that sweep across the dance floor in exciting patterns. Additionally, there are so many fun LED effects on the market that flash, strobe, and trigger to different patterns.


Haze machines bring all these lighting options to life – helping define and accentuate the features of your setup. Any DJ or producer will tell you, it’s a lot of work to set up a solid lighting show! Even simple setups require that much more planning, preparation, and creativity (not to mention power outlets!). Pairing your existing light show with a haze machine will only take you to the next level. Unleash everything your light show was destined to be!


#4: Photography 


haze machine for filmUsing a haze machine for film creates stunning shots. Fog machines produce thicker clouds which sometimes obstructs things from view too much. But a hazer creates an ideal atmosphere for taking really cool pictures. You will still be able to see the scene, person, etc while capturing the atmosphere and lighting in a stunning way. Haze machines and film make an excellent combination! 


Some Key Benefits of Using Haze

There are some clear pros to using haze instead of fog. Here are a few to consider:


Smoke Alarms


haze machine smoke alarm fogAh yes, every DJ’s worst nightmare… having to evacuate the dance floor (maybe even the whole building) because your fog machine triggered the venue’s smoke detectors. For this reason many venues prohibit the use of fog machines. Even with a haze machine, you’re likely to receive skepticism or red tape by the owner.


Since the haze produced by a water based haze machine is far less dense than the average fog produced by fog machines, smoke alarms are less likely to be set off. This is good news for DJs – haze allows your light show to be stunning, creative, and maximized without the anxiety of worrying about smoke detectors.


Asthma and Respiratory Concerns


hazer haze machineAbove all else, the health of your audience and clients comes first. A professional light show fails to be professional when it causes your guests respiratory issues. In many situations, you can’t be sure of the health risks of those who will attend. So how do you prepare? In deciding whether to use fog, haze, or neither, what important factors should be considered? Consider the following:



What is the size of the room?


DJ haze machine hazer fogThis one will be obvious to any experienced DJ or producer, but the size of the room is key for two reasons. First, room-size helps you determine whether or not to use fog or haze. A tiny, intimate space is usually a definite no concerning fog machines. Blasting fog in a concentrated area in which people are breathing the same air is unwise. When it comes to haze, make a calculated and considerate decision. Since most haze machines don’t irritate the average person’s respiratory system, you can typically achieve a visually captivating light show without upsetting the audience.


Secondly, room size will help you determine how much haze to use (or how many units to bring to the gig). Larger spaces obviously require a more powerful machine with a higher output. You can see the output volume and specs of our favorite haze machines below.


Is the room or space well-ventilated? 


Closely related to the question of room-size is: how well ventilated is the venue space? Sometimes small spaces have large door openings, windows, strong AC systems, etc. This generally means you will be able to crank out more haze without annoying or endangering the audience.


What is the age and demographic of the audience/client?


haze machinesWe’ve probably all seen the following scenario: a well-meaning but misinformed DJ who is excited about their lights and brings way too much gear to a gig. This is the DJ blasting fog in the middle of a first dance, or shooting lasers around a reception hall during a grand entrance. To state it simply, this is the DJ who lacks common sense.


Consider the client and/or demographic you are serving. What is the average age range?  What musical style, genre, or vibe will your set feature? Gather as much intel as you can beforehand – then provide lighting, haze, and fog that meets those needs.


Generally, older audiences struggle more with breathing problems so be sensitive to that. Using a haze machine instead of a fog machine is usually wise for such audiences. A high-quality hazer will provide an incredible atmosphere for your lights to shine – but without the worry of disturbing people.


Haze Machine Rental?

A lot of people consider renting a haze machine, which is a solid option. However, depending on the rental company, this can get expensive quickly. With the industry constantly in flux and evolving, high-quality hazers are increasingly filling the market for a reasonable price. That’s precisely why we’re included an entire category here entitled: Best Budget Haze Machines. For around $100 you can purchase a high-quality hazer – there’s no need to rent or go through the hassle of returning equipment each time.



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Best Budget Haze Machines 

Marq Haze 700 (best budget/cheap)


Marq Haze 700 machine hazerThe Marq Haze 700 is a high-quality and affordable 700-watt water-based haze machine. This unit is ideal for small to medium-size venues – ideal for mobile DJ’s, club owners, house parties, theater productions, etc. Weighing in at only 11 lbs, it’s easy to store, transport, and lift. Below you can check out some unique features that make this hazer attractive. If you’re looking for a cheap haze machine that performs well, this one’s for you!



Unique Features:


Tank Capacity: First, the Marq Haze 700 will run up to 4 hours on a single tank (tank capacity is 1.2 liter). Many DJs have experienced the unhappy experience of a hazer or fogger than guzzles fluid faster than they can refill it. This unit won’t leave you scrambling to refill but will provide 4 hours of consistent, high-quality haze that showcases your lighting.


Also, don’t stress about consuming too much haze fluid too fast. This unit uses 2-3.5 ml/min!


Wired Remote: The Marq Haze 700 also comes with a handy, easy-to-use wired remote for added convenience. You won’t have to bend down and grope in a dark venue for some trigger or button. The remote makes operation seamless and easy.


Fast Warm-Up Time: This unit is ready to go in only 2 minutes! Especially when compared to many fog machines that take 5 minutes or more, this hazer will not keep you waiting.



The Marq Haze 700 is lightweight, well-built, and won’t break the bank. We highly recommend it for mobile DJs and those who need to actively transport their gear.


  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 5.8 x 11.5 in.
  • Remote: yes – wired
  • Output: 40 cubic meters/min
  • DMX: No
  • Owners Manual: Read it here.


best haze machine


See the Marq Haze 700 In Action:



Marq Haze 800 DMX (best budget/cheap)


marq haze 800 dmxThe Marq Haze 800 DMX made our list of hazer reviews because it’s a high-quality and affordable 800-watt water-based haze machine. This unit is very similar to the slightly less powerful Marq Haze 700… providing a bit more haze volume for small to medium-size venues – ideal for mobile DJ’s, club owners, house parties, theater productions, etc. Weighing in at only 14.5 lbs, it’s easy to store, transport, and lift. Check out some unique features of this haze machine below.



Unique Features:


Tank Capacity: The Marq Haze 800 DMX has a 1.2 liter tank capacity, meaning it won’t require constant refilling. A convenient yet secure twist cap ensures haze fluid won’t leak or overflow during transport. This unit consumes approximately 2-4.5 ml/min, so you can get up to 4 hours of run time on a single tank.


Wired Remote: The Marq Haze 800 DMX also comes with a handy, easy-to-use wired remote for added convenience. The remote cord is almost 10 feet allowing you to control the unit from your DJ booth or side-stage. The remote includes several helpful features including:


  • Power Light – illuminates when the unit is turned on
  • Ready Light – illuminates when the unit is warmed up and ready for use
  • Timer Light – illuminates to notify you that the haze timer is activated
  • Haze Controls – remote allows you to designate the interval between haze blasts, and also the duration of each haze blast.


Fast Warm-Up Time: This unit is ready to go in only 2 minutes! Plug it in and go.


DMX Capability: The Marq Haze 800 DMX features 2 channels of DMX control, allowing you to control the unit’s fan speed and haze output (1-100%). Use 3-pin XLR cables to connect the hazer to your control board.


Marq Haze 800 manual DMX











The Marq Haze 800 DMX combines the convenience of a compact haze machine with the flexibility and customization of DMX capability. It’s easy to transport (weighing only 14.5 lbs), warms up quickly (2-3 minutes), and features a handy remote control with a 10-foot cable. For the price, this unit provides a professional and efficient option that will highlight your light show.


  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.2 x 10.9 in.
  • Remote: yes – wired
  • Output: 72 cubic meters/min
  • DMX: Yes, 2 channel, uses 3-pin XLR connectors
  • Owners Manual: Read it here.


best haze machine


See the Marq Haze 700 In Action:




ADJ Haze Generator (best budget/cheap)


ADJ haze generator machineThe American DJ Haze Generator is an affordable haze machine manufactured by one of the best DJ companies out there. As you’ll see in this review, they’ve thought about what DJs actually need and created a product that delivers. This unit is practical and powerful. With a rigid steel casing, this hazer is road-ready and can take the bumps and bruises of transport. At 27 pounds, it’s easy to move around and lift. We love the Haze Generator!



Unique Features:


Tank Capacity: The ADJ Haze Generator features a 1.25 liter tank, which will typically last you 3-4 hours.


Warmup Time: None! That’s right. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.


Wired Remote: This unit includes a 30 ft cable remote. The remote includes a timer, duration, and interval controls so you can customize your light show without DMX.



For the price, the ADJ Haze Generator makes perfect sense for mobile DJ’s, house parties, and smaller productions. If you’re looking to haze out a larger space, use several units to accomplish this (output is 1,000 cubic feet per min).


  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19 x 9.75 x 9.25 in.
  • Remote: yes – wired with 30-ft cable
  • Output: 1,000 cubic meters/min
  • DMX: No


best haze machine


See the American DJ Haze Generator in Action:



Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1DX (best budget/cheap)


Chauvet Hurricane Haze machineThe Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1DX gives you diverse control options – including DMX compatibility and also a built-in digital display. There are some gigs that don’t warrant the complications of DMX, so this hazer gives you the option of manually punching in your settings and walking away (stand-alone mode). The unit will continue to perform and add the cool atmosphere you’re looking for, without the hassle of assigning a DMX address.



Unique Features:


Tank Capacity: The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1DX features a 1.5 liter tank. It’s built to last for the duration of your gig.


Warmup Time: 2 mins – if you don’t have 2 minutes you should probably work on time management!


Chauvet Hurricane HazeDigital Display: One convenient feature of this haze machine is the built-in digital display, located on the unit’s back side. This display allows you to set the DMX address OR set the stand-alone settings desired. Additionally, a built-in volume knob offers smooth, stand-alone operation.


In quieter settings like a theater performance, the Hurricane Haze 1DX features a silent fan. This unit runs incredibly quiet and won’t disturb your event with annoying humming or other operational noise. This hazer is a ninja!


Internal Sensor: One thing Chauvet has consistently delivered in their foggers and hazers (and we’re thankful), is a built-in sensor that shuts down the pump when fluid level is low. This prevents the pump from damaging itself when the tank is empty. Even if you forget to shut off the Hurricane Haze 1DX, no worries, the machine will do it for you!


Gig Convenience: Weighing 7.2 pounds, this hazer is easy to carry around. It has a very small footprint – allowing you to squeeze it into a corner, under your DJ table, or backstage. The tank capacity is 1.5 liters and this unit only consumes 4ml per minute. It’s haze output is approximately 800 cubic feet per minute.


Chauvet Haze Fluid: Make sure to use Chauvet haze fluid with the Hurricane Haze 1DX for best results. Chauvet haze fluid works incredibly well – you can pick some up here.



The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1DX is an excellent choice for DJ’s, clubs, concerts, and productions. It allows for diverse controllability (DMX or stand-alone) and warms up quickly (2 mins). With a haze output of 800 cubic feet per minute, it’s easy to create your desired atmosphere and help your lights shine.


  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 9 in.
  • Remote: No, but built-in display screen on back panel
  • Output: 800 cubic meters/min
  • DMX: Yes, 3-pin XLR
  • Owners Manual: Read it here.


best haze machine


See the Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1DX in Action:



Best DJ Haze Machines 

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D (best for DJs)


chauvet haze machine hurricane 4DThe Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D is an all-in-one dmx hazer for mobile DJs. This haze machine is lightweight (13.2 pounds) which means it’s easy to cart around. It’s design is sleek and durable, so it fits in tiny spaces and can also withstand the wear and tear of gig life. It has a small footprint allowing you to effortlessly place it wherever you want. The Hurricane Haze 4D is DMX compatible, yet conveniently features stand-alone controls as well. This unit produces an impressive 4,300 cubic feet per minute of haze – which is enough to fill a medium venue and add an undeniable edge to the appearance of your light show. It’s a fantastic DJ haze machine.




Unique Features:


Tank Capacity: The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D holds .9 gallons (3.75 liters) of fluid, only consuming 10 ml per minute. You can run this hazer continuously for hours without needing to refill. Most DJs and party-throwers want a machine they can set up quickly and then trust to perform well for the rest of the night. This unit will produce beautiful haze without needing any maintenance. If only every relationship was this easy!


chauvet hurricane haze 4dScoop: One of Chauvet’s notable innovations with the Hurricane Haze 4D (and some previous models) is the built-in, adjustable scoop. This acts as a guide for the haze, funneling it in the desired direction/location. Since not every DJ has the ability or desire to mount their hazer on trussing or a stand, directing haze to a specific location can be problematic. Chauvet’s innovative scoop allows you to set this unit on the ground, yet still direct haze upwards toward your lights. It’s the little things in life that make a huge difference – thanks Chauvet!



haze machine hazer fogControl Options: Chauvet has designed this hazer to be controlled through various means – just pick the method that’s easiest and fits the occasion. First, there’s a built-in digital display with easy-to-use buttons and functions. There are also two knobs on the back – one to control the amount of haze releases and a second to control fan speed. It’s rare to have both a digital display and quick-turn knobs. Very cool.


Secondly, 2-channel DMX capability makes this haze machine a great addition to your existing DMX setup. Connect this unit using 3-pin XLR cables and enjoy adding depth to your show.


Fast Warm-Up Time: Only 2 minutes!



The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D is an outstanding dmx haze machine… in fact star of the series. Obviously a few more bucks than the Haze 1DX, this unit gives you more specific controls, higher output, while remaining light, durable, and quiet. It will hold up to life on the road – make sure you’re using the right haze fluid and watch this sucker shine! Chauvet haze for life!


  • Weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11 x 15.5 x 9.6 in.
  • Controls: Wired remote, 2 knobs, DMX.
  • Output: 4,300 cubic feet per minute
  • Owners Manual: Read it here.


best haze machine


See the Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D In Action:




Blizzard AtmosFear Tour HZ (best for DJs)


haze machine Blizzard AtmosFearThe Blizzard AtmosFear Tour HZ is a 1,000 watt haze machine ideal for the road – whether you’re a DJ, band, producer, sound tech, etc. An obvious win for this unit is the included road case that houses and protects the unit! You won’t have to worry about damaging your hazer, or paying extra cash to buy a case. A 6-button control panel with LCD display makes manually controlling this machine simple. For those using DMX, this hazer will fit right into your fleet of gear. In fact, it will make your lineup stronger!




Unique Features:


Haze Output: Thanks to a 1,000 watt heat exchanger, the Blizzard AtmosFear tour HZ puts out 8,000 cubic feet per minute! This unit is ideal for DJ sets requiring plenty of haze. It’s also great for theater productions and musical concerts. For the price, you get significantly more haze coverage than the smaller machines reviewed above.


hazer haze fogControl Options: This haze truly allows you to customize your gig environment. For those using DMX, you can use 3 or 5-pin connectors and have 3 channels to work with (working mode, fan speed, output volume).


There is also a built-in 6-button control panel with LCD display (see manual for more details below). You can set a timer and also control interval/duration settings quickly and easily. There is a convenient optional low fluid shutdown feature to prevent low fluid levels from damaging the unit.


Flight Case: As mentioned above, a huge bonus with this model is the included tour-ready, all-black, ATA-spec flight case! Protecting your investment is key and Blizzard Lighting has made it easy for you. Rest assured as you transport this unit it will remain protected, including during your gig when that annoying person accidentally spills their drink on your machine! (we all know this goes down)



The Blizzard AtmosFear Tour HZ puts 8,000 cubic feet of haze per minute at your fingertips, includes a battle-tested road case, and several control options (including DMX). It’s not hard to see why this unit is a top pick for DJs, although it’s ideal for stationary settings/installments as well. Operate in master/slave in conjunction with other units and control all simply and efficiently.


  • Weight: 29.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 17.4 x 15.6 x 9.9 in.
  • Controls: DMX, built-in LCD display
  • Output: 8,000 cubic feet per minute
  • Owners Manual: Read it here.


best haze machine


See the Blizzard AtmosFear Tour HZ In Action:



Best Venue Haze Machine 

American DJ Entour Venue (best venue/production)


faze machine hazeThe ADJ Entour Venue Faze is a powerful yet economical option for clubs, venues, or theaters. The beauty of AJD’s Faze series is how it combines both fog and haze – this unit is considered a hybrid (hence the term “faze” … fog + haze). This faze machine truly delivers!


Weighing in at 47 pounds, it might be a little heavy to transport often, but is more ideal for stationary settings. It boasts an impressive output of 15,000 cubic feet per minute! Needless to say, you can quickly create a great atmosphere for your performance in medium to large spaces. For the price, you won’t find a product better suited for a venue context.


Unique Features:


Control Options: With this faze machine, American DJ lives up to its legacy of featuring great LED displays. The Entour Venue includes an easy-to-read LED display with fog timer, continuous fog and manual fog options. There is a blue LCD function display with a 6-button remote (which controls fog timer, volume, continuous fogging, and manual fogging).


As you’d expect, the Entour Venue is DMX compatible, offering 3 DMX channels. You can connect this unit using 3 or 5-pin XLR cables. Enjoy the capability of blasting faze when and where you need it.


haze machine hazerOther Highlights: One of the coolest features of the Entour Venue Faze is its adjustable metal nozzle. This makes it effortless to direct haze in whatever direction needed.


Fast Warm-Up Time: Only 45 seconds!


Tank Capacity: Includes an external 5.6 liter anti-spill fluid tank. This ensures your fluid won’t spill or leak on your audience, or during transit. This machine consumes fluid at a range of .45-9 ml per minute.


Hardware: This haze machine is quite versatile. It can simply be placed on the ground or even operate on it’s back! It’s sturdy metal construction ensures it will stay put and not slide around. If you desire to mount this machine, use the included metal hanging bracket and accompanying safety loop.



  • Weight: 47 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21 x 15.25 x 9.75 in.
  • Controls: DMX, panel display
  • Output: 15,000 cubic feet per minute


best haze machine


See the American DJ Entour Faze In Action:



Best High Output Haze Machine 

American DJ Entourage (best high output)


ADJ Entourage haze machineThe ADJ Entourage… is a powerful 1,400 watt faze machine (meaning it will produce a combination of haze and fog). For a solid discussion of the difference between fog and haze, go here. American DJ is known for their professional grade products, and this machine is no exception. Enjoy quick warm-up time (45 seconds), an impressive output of 15,000 cubic ft. per minute, and an easy-to-use LED display. Also, rest assured this unit is road-ready thanks to a highly durable flight case (included)!


Unique Features:


Control Options: The American DJ Entourage offers several methods of control. First, this unit is DMX compatible using 3 or 5-pin connectors. There are three DMX channel modes: 1, 2, 4. It also features a PowerCon AC input for secure connection that won’t be interrupted.


ADJ EntourageOne of the Entourage’s more innovative aspects is an LED function display, making it easy to manually set fog timer, interval, duration, or manually trigger a constant blast of fog/haze. The display also allows you to set DMX addresses with ease.



Fast Warm-Up Time: Only 45 seconds!


Tank Capacity: This unit features an external fog fluid tank which holds 5.6 liters. Fluid consumption is efficient, ranging from a minimum of 0.45 ml/minute to 9ml/minute. The Entourage is designed to last you an entire gig without having to refill.


Haze machine ADJ EntourageHardware: ADJ is a company that designs and creates for real life DJs and situations, and their Entourage haze machine is proof of this. This model comes with a durable road case to protect from damage during transit. This saves you the trouble of having to purchase an additional case, or risking transport without the proper protection for your fazer. After the gig, simply clamp on the lid and you’re good to go!



The ADJ Entourage is a high-quality haze and fog machine that is built to withstand the rigors of venue life. Whether you’re installing this unit permanently in your facility, or taking it on the road with you, it’s up for the challenge! We’ve categorized this machine as “best high output” due to it’s impressive output of 15,000 cubic ft. per minute. A few perks set this unit apart, including a 5.6 liter fluid tank, PowerCon AC input, flight case, and LED function display.


  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Dimensions:  21 x 15.25 x 9.75 in.
  • Controls: DMX, LED display panel
  • Output: 15,000 cubic ft. per minute
  • Additional: Includes PowerCon AC input and a tough flight case


best haze machine


See the American DJ Entour Faze In Action:




Reel EFX DF 50 Hazer (best high output)


DF 50 Haze MachineThe DF 50 Hazer is manufactured by Reel EFX, a company that creates top-notch special effects. Based in Hollywood, CA, they understand the need for high-quality haze and a machine that can withstand the rigors of hard use. Whether a DJ, filmmaker, or haunted house enthusiast, this machine produces haze with a hang time of 3 hours in an enclosed space! Now that’s impressive. At only 35 pounds, this hazer is lightweight and easily transportable. This hazer is best used with Reel EFX’s custom fluid solution which you can pick up on Amazon here.


Unique Features:


Control Options: The best way to control the DF 50 Hazer is via DMX. This unit features buttons and a LED menu screen, making it easy to set DMX addresses (1-512). Button functions include “up, down, and set.” Easily connect the DF 50 to your board using industry-standard 5-pin connectors. For the protection of the unit, the DMX input is short circuit protected.


Operation: You can operate this haze machine for over 35 hours. This alone sets the DF 40 apart from many other products. Hence why this unit is especially beneficial for movie sets, haunted houses, or theater productions.


Fluid: It’s best to use Reel EFX’s custom haze formula with this machine. Get it here.


A huge benefit to this formula, according to the manufacturer, is the fact that it’s odorless and colorless. Your audience and/or performers won’t have to choke, cough, or have their eyes burned by low-quality haze. As we mentioned at the start of this article, respiratory problems should always be considered when using any fog or haze machine.


Fluid Consumption: The DF 50 fluid tank holds 2 liters and consumes less than 2 ounces per hour! Needless to say, you won’t have to constantly refill this machine. Fill it up at the beginning of your project and rest assured it will perform for hours.


Warranty: According to their website, Reel EFX offers the following warranties for the DF 50:

  • For the compressor: 5 years parts and labor
  • All other components: 1 year parts and labor



It’s easy to see why the DF 50 is an industry standard and one of the most reliable hazers on the market. Ruggedly designed to stand up to the toughest conditions, this machine truly delivers. Enjoy haze that won’t hurt eyes yet hangs in the air up to 3 hours in an enclosed space! A large fluid tank and low consumption ensure you can get the job done without excessive maintenance or refilling.


  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 15 x 8 in.
  • Controls: DMX w/ 5-pin connectors
  • Haze Hang Time: Up to 3 hours!


best haze machine


See the Reel EFX DF 50 In Action:



Best Haze Machines: Buyers Guide


best haze machine buyers guide

We hope our reviews of the best haze machines has been helpful. Finding the best haze machine will help you create a stunning visual effect with your lights and take things to the next level. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your lights in action, so equip yourself with an incredible hazer. If you’re looking to purchase a haze machine, Amazon is a great place to look, which is why we’ve provided a list of top hazers here.


Whether you’re a mobile DJ, in production, filmmaker, or haunted house enthusiast, there’s a haze machine out there for you. Our passion is to put the right piece of hear in your hands, so you can get going and bring the party!