Best Fog Machine For Halloween (February 2022)


Looking for the best fog machine for Halloween? Nothing adds to the spooky atmosphere of the season more than the right fog machine. Take things up a notch this October and find the best Halloween fog machine! Find the fogger that achieves what you want, at the price you want.


Short on time? Here’s a list of our top picks! Click on any to view.


best cheap fog machines




All under $100. Perfect for Halloween parties, DJ gigs, haunted houses, etc. To read in-depth reviews of these foggers, GO HERE. Or check the price of each fog machine below:



best low lying fog machine




Looking for the best Halloween fog machine? Noting beats low-lying fog that stays low to the ground. Ideal for haunted houses, graveyard scenes, and even dance floors! Read our in-depth review of each HERE or check the price of each fog machine below:



To help out, we’ve also reviewed the best fog machine fluids so you get the most out of your fogger – click here to view.


Looking to pull off an awesome fog effect? Perfect. We’ve reviewed virtually every category of fogger to make things easy. Whether you’re looking for low-lying fog, haze, or super thick high-density fog that fills a room, we cover the pros and cons of each fog machine so you can make an educated decision.


See each machine in action by watching review and product videos. This page is a quick-reference overview of our top picks. For more in-depth reviews of each product, just follow the links below.