Best DJ Laser Lights – Buyer’s Guide (February 2022)



best dj laser lightLooking for the best DJ laser lights on the market? We’ve reviewed the best to make it easy for you. Whether you’re throwing an epic party, DJing, or in production, we’ve got you covered.


Lasers make an incredible addition to any light show. They’re one of the coolest effects on the market, shooting colored beams through fog and haze. DJ laser lights are highly versatile, great for concerts and productions. They can also add ambience to your Halloween setup or haunted house.


In this review, we’ve done the hard work for you, reviewing everything from traditional lasers to multi-effect fixtures. Our reviews quickly show you the features of each laser. And don’t forget to browse our laser buyer’s guide too.


Finding the best DJ laser light should be fun, so we hope this guide helps you find what you’re looking for!


Name CategoryPrice
Chauvet Scorpion RGBchauvet scorpion laserBest Professional Stage Laserbest DJ laser light
Chauvet Swarm 5 FXDJ laserBest Laser with Strobebest DJ laser light
American DJ Stinger IIADJ Stinger 2Best Laser w/ Moonflower Effectbest DJ laser light
Chauvet Scorpion Storm FXchauvet laserBest DJ Laserbest DJ laser light
ADJ RayzerADJ laser lightBest Party Laser Lightbest DJ laser light
Chauvet Helicopter Q6best laser for partyBest Rotating Laserbest DJ laser light
Chauvet KINTAFXbest DJ laserBest LED Laserbest strobe light
American DJ Micro Galaxian IIbest laser lightBest Budget Laserbest strobe light
American DJ Mini Dekker LZRADJ laserBest Multi-effect Laserbest DJ laser light
SUNY Laser LightSUNY laser lightBest Laser w/ Gobosbest strobe light


1. Chauvet Scorpion RGB (Best professional stage laser)


best dj laser lightThe Chauvet Scorpion RGB really packs a punch for your outdoor or large space venues. It features thousands of reg, green, and blue lasers with 32 built-in patterns. You’ve got five control modes to choose from, with Master/Slave, auto run and sound active. Fully programmable, it offers features like rotation, pan, zoom, wave, deformation and full color mode.


Small and lightweight, you can bring the Scorpion RGB laser with you anywhere, and amaze your guests with the clarity of your light show. It works great with fog and haze, and is even capable of the popular “sky” effect. It’s fast, runs quiet, and features a voice-activated sensor so it can dance with the rhythm with music mode. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality DJ laser light to take with you anywhere, you will love the Scorpion RGB!


  • Features red, green, & blue lasers
  • Stunning metallic housing
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Remote not included


2. Chauvet Swarm 5 FX (Best Laser with Strobe)


best laser for party

The best DJ laser lights are capable of multiple effects, which is why the Chauvet Swarm 5FX made our list. It’s a 3-in-1 LED light that throws a rotating derby, red and green laser and white strobe effect across any large indoor or outdoor party. Perfect for weddings, house parties, frat parties, and mobile DJ’s the Swarm 5FX allows for separate color and program controls, either automated or sound-activated, or Master/Slave or DMX mode.


This laser has seven sound active settings, including laser and strobe, for a great all-in-one lighting effect. You can mount it on any speaker stand, or higher up on a truss, with the included hanging bracket. The Chauvet Swarm 5FX is much brighter than the 4FX, with combo effects to pump up any crowd. It makes for an awesome display, and covers a large area, with a simple menu and many activated programs to choose from so virtually anyone can use it.


  • Very bright lasers
  • Lots of programming options
  • Sturdy and mobile
  • Covers large areas
  • Strobe could be brighter


3. American DJ Stinger II (best laser w/ moonflower effect)


best dj lightsIf you need a high output laser that’s mobile friendly, the American DJ Stinger II might be the one you’re looking for. With three-in-one technology, the Stinger gives you high-quality beams of light with its laser lights projector. It adds a new level of dimension to any house party or special event. With fun effects like the LED laser lights, moonflower effect, and a red and green “galaxian” style laser, you’ve got options for every context.


The American DJ Stinger also has 15 built-in color options, electronic dimming settings, and a four button DMX function display. You can control it using DMX, built-in programs, with an IR wireless remote, or even from your phone through the Airstream App. Weighing only eleven pounds, the Stinger is extremely transportable, making it one of the best DJ lasers available.


  • Plenty of effect options
  • 15 preset colors
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Runs cool
  • Pricier if you need multiple units


4. Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX (Best DJ laser)


dj lighting

The Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX is a great DJ laser light and throws tri-colored laser light ina number of cool patterns and settings. It also offers a number of multi-colored patterns to add to the atmosphere of any event, be it a concert, a wedding or a house party. You can also create customized laser projects thanks to the Scorpion’s hundreds of red, green and blue laser diodes, with or without DMX, fit for professional stage lasers.


Adding to the Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX’s value is its incredible 100-degree beam angle, letting you project onto walls, ceilings, or across dance floors. The Scorpion functions on seven channels, featuring 3-pin XLR connectors. You can also easily take command wirelessly, with the Scorpion’s infrared remote controller. Compact, lightweight, and ready to use right out of the box, the Scorpion is a fantastic option for your next event.


  • Linkable with a second unit
  • Great for mobile DJs
  • Includes star effect
  • May need more than one for large spaces


5. American DJ Rayzer (Best party laser light)


laser for DJ

If you’re searching for the best DJ laser lights, the American DJ Rayzer is sure to deliver. With multiple operation modes like sound active, show mode or DMX controllable, this DJ laser projector lets you choose from built-in shows that use both color washes and laser patterns that any crowd will love. Designed to be mobile, the Rayzer is the best party light, perfect for small clubs, bars, karaoke or other fun events.


With tri-color LED clusters, the Rayzer offers intense color wash to your stage or adds backlight for dramatic effect. It also utilizes red, green, and blue lasers for a lightshow to illuminate your space. The Rayzer works great as a stand alone fixture, and also with a master/slave set up. It also comes with a four-button DMX function display and strobing options. With no duty cycles, you can go all night with the Rayzer!


  • Features wash lights and lasers
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Affordable
  • No delay in performance
  • Not ideal for larger crowds or events


6. Chauvet Helicopter Q6 (Best rotating laser)


best dj laser

The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 is a true workhorse! It dazzles any crowd using a multi-effect light with adjustable RGBW beams, a round SMD strobe, and also a red and green laser that works on a rotating base. The Chauvet Helicopter Q6 rotates continuously, hence the name, to create a visually stunning light effect that you’ll be hard pressed to see anywhere else. This light is perfect as the center of any light show. Out of all the best DJ laser lights we reviewed, this one is the most visually stunning.


With narrow, razor sharp beams of RGBW light, the Chauvet Helicopter Q6 produces stunning light shows that cover large areas. It’s easy to control using both automated and sound-activated programs, master/slave, DMX, or an optional IRC-6 remote. The Q6 makes a great addition to any mobile DJ lighting setup, and we think it’s one of the best DJ laser lights available.


  • Multiple effects in one
  • Covers large areas
  • Rotates in eye-catching way
  • Adjustable beams
  • IRC remote sold separately


7. Chauvet KINTAFX (Best LED laser)


chauvet laser

The Chauvet Kinta FX is essentially three-in-one with it’s LED derby effect, laser, and SMD strobe option, all packed into one compact unit. With the Chauvet Kinta FX, you’re looking at four LEDs in red, green, blue and white and 16 white LEDs. These LEDs boast a 50,000 hours of life expectancy, so this light will last for a long time. Program features include multicolored derby beams, dynamic strobes and chases. The hundreds of ultra-sharp red and green laser beams provide an awesome effect guaranteed to take your light show to the next level.


Weighing only five pounds and with it’s own travel case, this versatile unit will fit into anyone’s work set-up, making it one of the best party laser lights. The Chauvet Kinta FX combines the three classic light show elements, and packs them into one portable unit you can take anywhere – create a stunning DJ laser light show your guests won’t soon forget.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great for mobile use
  • Powerful light range
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not as compact as some lasers


8. American DJ Micro Galaxian II (Best budget laser)


american dj laser

The best DJ laser lights don’t have to break the bank! The American DJ Micro Galaxian II is a classic laser in the industry for a reason. It’s affordable but powerful. With 200 green and red laser beams, the Micro Galaxian is the best party DJ laser light for mobile DJ’s, smaller clubs, personal parties or even man caves. It runs in either auto or sound active mode, and you can use the included hanging bracket for permanent installation.


The American DJ Micro Galaxian II boasts a very long throw for its light beams, can be controlled easily with the included remote, or controlled via the Airstream IR App on your phone. The built-in programs on the American DJ Micro Galaxian II can be swapped out or changed using the included wireless remote, and it also comes with its own microfiber cleaning cloth. That’s a bundle and a half. If you’re looking for a budget DJ laser light that still performs, check this one out!


  • Portable and durable
  • Great for parties and mobile DJs
  • Easily controlled with remote
  • Not DMX compatible
  • Fragile to transport


9. American DJ Mini Dekker LZR (Best Multi-Effect Laser)


fat beam laser

The American DJ Mini Dekker LZR provides two classic light effects – a Moonflower with two 10W RGBW LEDs and also a red and green laser effect. The lights are strong enough to throw stunning images and unique patterns across a crowded room. Light and compact, the American DJ Mini Dekker LZR make it one of the best DJ lights for the money for any mobile DJ, small bars, restaurants and nightclubs.


The ADJ Mini Dekker has a unique design that stylishly shows off it’s bright lenses. It’s like a classic mirror ball meets laser. It’s DMX compatible, offers sound-activation, as well as built-in shows. If that’s not your style, you can also use the UC IR wireless remote or opt for the Airstream IR app to control your Mini Dekker LZR.


  • Light and compact
  • Offers several effects in one unit
  • Powerful light range
  • Multiple control options
  • May need multiple units for large spaces


10. SUNY Laser Light (Best Laser with Gobos)


suny laser lights

The SUNY Laser Light is like no other laser light. The SUNYs laser projector has 128 combinations of red, green and blue colored images to project across the floor, wall, or ceiling. Perfect for almost any event, DJ, music production, pub or bar, club, party or convention. The SUNY Laser Light can be voice-activated and music controlled, so you can program the lights to dance along with your music.


The SUNY Laser Light is one of the best party lights out there. Despite its compact size, the SUNY Laser Light covers approximately 2500 square feet with no blurring or fading, making it great for events large and small. Easily switch between light modes, patterns, and colors with just the push of a button using a single button on the remote.


  • Remote included
  • Lots of programs to choose from
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for larger venues
  • No DMX options


Best DJ Laser Light – Buyer’s Guide


What is a laser light?


best party laser light

A laser, technically, is a narrow beam of produced light. Fun fact, “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is created when the electrons in atoms become excited somehow. Laser light is directional, generating a very tight beam, unlike other lights like flashlights or lamps.


For example, the best DJ laser lights are likely to be featured at music festivals, weddings, magic shows and other fun events where live music is incorporated into the experience. Laser lights are fantastic on their own, but are usually also paired with wash lights or strobe lights, fog machines and other special effects. Laser lights come in all colors, including blue, green, red, and white. They perform best in dark environments where each laser beam can be easily seen.


Fun ways to use lasers

professional stage laser

The best DJ laser lights add that extra kick to make any event a more memorable experience. DJs everywhere use lasers to add light shows and other elements to their shows. Music concerts and festivals rely on lasers and light effects to pump the crowd up between and during songs.


But you don’t have to be a professional to use a laser. You can add a laser to any celebration, house party, holiday, haunted house, theater performance, or professional convention.


Some people even permanently install lasers into their garage or Man Cave, to add some extra flair on the weekends or nights out there with music on. High school and college theater performances will oftentimes wash lasers out over the audience, or use other light effects to add drama to the theater experience. Roller rinks use lasers to add pizazz, as do middle school and high school dances. Lasers are almost always amplified by fog machines or other light options like strobe lights.


Whatever your context, lasers can probably add something cool to the atmosphere.

Types of lasers

chauvet lasers

When you opt to add DJ laser lights to your once in a lifetime event, you’ve got lots of options to pick from.


LED lasers – use an electric light that is similar to incandescent lamps so they are brighter, longer lasting, and require no warm-up time.


Derby lights – clustered lights, usually in sets of six. Red, white, green and blue are the colors most commonly used in derby lights, creating a vibrant collage.


Patterns – some laser light systems create designs, images, and patterns to wash over the crowd, project on a screen, and pulse to the beat of the music. Often these patterns include strobes and light chases, where the lasers seem to chase each other across an area.

Ways to maximize your laser effect

dj lighting setup

Laser effects add another level of sensory experience to your concert, wedding, music event, or dance club. Here’s a few tips to get the most out of your laser, by combining it with other effects.


First, use your laser with fog. It’s the classic way to get those rad laser beams to show up. The effect works like this – fog makes the air more dense, allowing the laser beam to light up the particles. The result? Awesome, visible laser beams that wow the audience. If you’re looking for the perfect fog machine to pair with your laser show, check out our article on the best fog machines.


Sometimes fog is too intense for one reason or another (for example, it creates a breathing hazard in a small venue). In these cases, haze is a great alternative. Why? It’s less dense, thus less irritating to people’s breathing. The good news is, haze still allows your lasers to shine, making each beam distinct and beautiful. Let us guide you to the perfect hazer in our buyer’s guide.


Our last recommendation for maximizing your laser effect is to purchase a DMX compatible fixture. This gives you ultimate control of the laser – things like color, motion, pulsing, movement, etc. Simpler models are plug and play, where you turn on the laser and let sound-active mode do it’s thing. But if you really want your light show to reach that professional level, step into the world of DMX control. It will give you the freedom to make your laser perform exactly as you want it to.

Laser control options

dj lighting setup

Laser light units can be controlled through several mediums. One option is a DMX controller, which stands for “digital multiplex controller.” Using DMX to control your laser allows you to assign it to separate channels – each channel providing a different effect. Simply put, a programmable laser light show gives your performance added precision.


A simpler way to control your laser is to use a remote control. Some units come with an easy-to-use Infrared Compatible Control (IRC), while other units require purchasing a remote separately. The IRC can be helpful if you’re managing several systems or units as once, as can the Airstream IR App, an app you can purchase in order to operate your laser light from your phone.


nightclub lasers

Like any other investment, you must decide how much you’re willing to spend on a laser light. While some of the smaller units are less expensive, make sure they are powerful enough to meet your needs. This shouldn’t be a problem – even smaller units like the ADJ Galaxian II is capable of filling a large gym with beams.


Really what you’re paying more for is features. The more a laser costs, the more effects it probably has. DJ companies have thankfully realized the need for versatile lasers, so they’ve created fixtures with three-in-one effects (strobe, laser, moonflower, wash light, etc).


Our advice? Think through how you want to use your laser, check out some of the products we’ve reviewed, and make the call!


Laser Safety

laser safety

The most important safety tip when using lasers is this: never shine lasers into the eyes of guests at any show. In some states, it’s actually illegal to shine a laser directly into someone’s eyes.


So to avoid hurting someone’s eyesight, make sure your lasers are pointed upward. Walk onto the dance floor, or wherever the lasers are meant to shine, and double check your beam angles. Your audience will thank you!


Usually the best practice is to project lasers onto ceilings or walls, rather than into the crowd. If you have moving lasers, it might be ok to sweep a beam over the crowd briefly, but make sure not to keep it there too long.


The Best DJ Laser Lights For You

club lighting effects

We know that choosing the best DJ laser light for your needs can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started. Knowing how big your crowd will be, how often you’re going to use your laser, and what kind of lights and effects you desire will help you make the best decision when it’s crunch time.


For home laser enthusiasts throwing a house party or the best haunted house in the neighborhood, make sure the unit will run cool. The last thing you want is annoying “duty cycles,” which means a light shuts down to let its components cool down.


But for more professional contexts, such as mobile DJing, look for durability, brightness, and DMX options. If you can pay a bit more for one fixture that gets the job done, why waste money buying multiple units?


Therefore, whatever your needs, there is a best DJ laser light unit out there for you! We hope this buyer’s guide helps you find what you’re looking for.




LED laser lightsIn conclusion, when it comes to finding the best DJ laser lights, we hope this review has been helpful. There are so many great products on the market, so check out our categories and individual product reviews to locate exactly what you need. Lasers make every event more fun, so whichever you choose, it’s bound to amaze your audience!