Best Bubble Machines – Buyer’s Guide (February 2022)



best bubble machineNo matter what age you are, everyone loves bubbles! That’s why we’ve reviewed the best bubble machines. Whatever you’re a mobile DJ, set designer, party thrower, or looking to entertain kids, there’s a product below that will meet your budget.


With so many cheap options out there, we’ve narrowed it down to a few great machines. Enjoy lots of fun bubbles, but skip the soapy mess of traditional bubble solutions. Just fill the tank with solution, plug it in, and be engulfed in a world of awesomeness! Make sure to stock up on bubble fluid – check out our article on the Best Bubble Fluid.


We’ve made finding the best bubble machine easy – just check out our top picks below. It’s our pleasure to be your personal bubble guides!


Name CategoryPrice
American DJ BubbleTron XLADJ BubbleTron XLBest Overall - Our Top Pick!best bubble machine
CITC BubbleMax X2CITC BubbleMax X2Highest Bubble Outputbest bubble machine
American DJ BubbleTronADJ bubbletronBest DJ/Partybest bubble machine
American BubbleTron GoDJ bubble machineBest Battery-Poweredbest bubble machine
Chauvet DJ Hurricane Bubble Hazewedding bubble machineBest Multi-Effectbest bubble machine
Antari Bubble B-200TAntari Bubble B-200TBest Remote-Controlledbest bubble machine
Chauvet B-250glow in the dark bubblesBest Mini Bubble Machinebest bubble machine
TheeFun TBMObest bubble machineBest Budgetbest bubble machine


1. ADJ BubbleTron XL (Best Overall)

ultimate bubble machine


Whether you’re a DJ or just looking to create an unforgettable party experience, the ADJ BubbleTron XL is not one to miss. Capable of creating hundreds of bubbles, its high output guarantees happy guests on the dancefloor. Thanks to its large high-speed fan, bubbles rise quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its extra-large 2-liter front fluid tank, refilling is no problem. The BubbleTron is compatible with virtually all commercial soap bubble fluids, so have fun experimenting with various fluids and effects. Weighing just 11 pounds, you’ll have no problem transporting it or moving it to different locations on the stage or at your party.


We love that this unit comes with a wired remote – this makes operation easy without the worry of misplacing the remote! The remote cable is 9 feet long, ensuring you can control the machine from a convenient distance, as well as produce bubbles exactly where you desire. With high output and an easy-access front refill section, operation will last as long as your party does. Whether you want to add further effects to a bar, club, or house party, you’ll love this durable machine.


  • Easy access refill tank
  • High bubble output
  • Residue-free
  • Remote isn’t wireless


2. CITC BubbleMax X2 (Highest Output)


high output bubble machine

If you’re looking for load of bubbles, look no further than the CITC BubbleMax X2. This powerful machine offers both high and low bubble output, thanks to adjustable wands. This unit comes with a fan to direct bubbles exactly where you want them. You can mount this machine anywhere or operate from the ground. If you connect the BubbleMax to a fluid container, this unit’s auto-fill mode produces never-ending bubbles! This comes in handy especially for longer DJ sets, productions, or parties.


This product may not be as portable as others, but it really shines in permanent applications. The included fan and mounting bracket let you install it anywhere. If you’re looking for la bubble machine with longevity, customizable output levels, and auto-fill ability, we highly recommend the CITC BubbleMax X2.  


  • Capable of high or low bubble output
  • Auto-fill feature produces endless bubbles
  • Durable metal construction
  • Less portable than smaller machines


3. ADJ BubbleTron (best DJ/party)


ADJ BubbleTronThe ADJ BubbleTron is our top pick for mobile DJs and house parties. Why? Because it’s portable, lightweight, has a powerful output, runs residue-free, and comes with a convenient wired remote. Considering its reasonable price-point, it’s a great deal all around. This bubble machine combines the best features, making it highly versatile and easy to use.


While slightly smaller than its older brother (the ADJ BubbleTron XL), this machine still produces lots of bubbles. Just plug it in and go! If you’re looking for a durable bubble machine that won’t cost too much, and something to take on the road with you, check out the ADJ BubbleTron.


  • Sturdy but lightweight design
  • EZ-Access front fluid tank
  • 1 liter fluid capacity
  • Less bubble output than BubbleTron XL
  • Plastic construction recommends protective case if taking on the road


4. ADJ BubbleTron Go (Best battery powered)


DJ bubble machine

This bubble machine doesn’t require any power cords! Now that’s awesome. If you’re searching for a bubble machine that’s highly portable, check out the ADJ BubbleTron Go. Thankfully, ADJ has made this unit to be lightweight, even though its battery lasts for hours. The housing is made of sturdy plastic that probably needs a case to ensure it’s protected well. The 1-liter fluid tank features an easy-access opening, so you won’t struggle to refill it during your gig.


The BubbleTron Go gives you two methods of control – an on/off switch at the back of the unit as a well as a wireless remote control. Not only can you place this bubble machine anywhere in the room, but you can control it remotely as well. Not bad! This portable, high output bubble machine creates hundreds of bubbles per minute, making it the ideal addition to any setup.


  • Once charged, no outlet needed!
  • Large 1-liter fluid tank
  • Two method of control: manual or remote
  • Requires pre-charging before use
  • Construction could be more durable


5. Chauvet Hurricane Bubble Haze (Best Multi Effect)


chauvet hurricane bubble haze

If you want to take your bubble effect to the next level, check out the Chauvet DJ Hurricane Bubble Haze. This machine creates an amazing atmospheric effect combining bubbles and haze! Combine it with colored fluid and take things to the next level at your parties. With a 3-minute heat-up time you will be able to jump right into party mode without delay. The Hurricane Bubble Haze uses water-based fluid, so it won’t coat the room with sticky residue.


A convenient anti-clog system is built in – this extends the life of the machine. Its gravity-fed bubble reservoir recirculated unused bubble fluid, so it’s never wasted. In terms of effects, this unit is capable of producing bubbles and haze separately or together, as well as haze-filled bubbles! These options make this bubble machine a powerful addition to any lightshow, DJ setup, or party.


  • Produces multiple effects: haze, bubbles, and haze-filled bubbles
  • Easy to refill
  • Gravity-fed reservoir minimizes fluid consumption
  • Heaver than some models (20 lbs)


6. Antari Bubble B200T (Best remote control)


best remote bubble machine

It you’re looking to create bubbles with minimal effort, a remote-controlled bubble machine is the way to go. And our recommendation in this category is the Antari Bubble B100XT. The included remote offers more than just manual control – you can also set a timer. This handy feature means bubble output without the worry.


The B100XT features a “double bubble wheel” for maximum output. We love how easily this machine fills a room with tons of bubbles! The design eliminates dripping while recycling excess bubble liquid, so you’ll get the most out of the machine without any mess or residue. The heavy-duty motor operates smoothly and is protected by durable housing. This unit can be mounted using the hanging bracket, which makes it perfect for mobile or more permanent scenarios



  • 3 sets of fans
  • 4 double rotating bubble wheels
  • Large fluid reservoir
  • Includes remote with timer
  • A bit more expensive


7. Chauvet B-250 (Best mini bubble machine)


Chauvet bubble machine

If you’re searching for a bubble machine that’s compact but effective, the Chauvet B-250 is a great option. It’s a particularly small model which is perfect if you’re throwing a house party or are using it on a table with minimal space available. Since it’s light weight, the B-250 is ideal for mobile DJs and other compact contexts. This machine’s durable plastic construction prevents rust, which lets you store it in a case even when slightly wet from operation.


This great bubble machine includes a manual operation button (no remote), so make sure this works with your setup. The win here is how portable this unit is. You can take this machine anywhere – it’s great for producing bubbles in small spaces. If compact is your goal, make sure to check out the Chauvet B-250!


  • Compact, portable design
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Rust-resistant
  • Doesn’t have a remote
  • Less bubble output than larger machines


8. TheeFun TBMO (Best budget)


cheap bubble machine

If you’re looking for one of the highest-quality bubble machines on the market today but don’t want to spend a lot of cash, check out the Theefun TBMO Professional Bubble Machine. The TBMO features a high velocity fan perfect for making bubbles rise quickly to create an ethereal atmosphere perfect for all kinds of gatherings and performances. The motor rotates all the way up to a whopping 22 RPM which means thousands of bubbles a minute consistently. Due to the heavy-duty metal housing, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


The TBMO is super easy to transport, thanks to a detachable handle and lightweight design. This machine is so easy to cart around, it’s ideal for DJ gigs and parties. The speedy motor and high velocity fan work together to product thousands of high-floating bubbles to immediately change the mood of a room. We highly recommend this bubble machine!


  • Easy to transport
  • Portable design with detachable handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Bubble output suited only for small spaces


Best Bubble Machines – Buyer’s Guide


How Do Bubble Machines Work?


best bubble machineThe nice thing about bubble machines is their simple, straightforward design. Most models share similar qualities, although they vary in weight and output. Each machine basically has four main components: a tank, a fan, a motor, and a disc of bubble wands. Most bubble machines can be plugged into any standard outlet, making them easy to operate.


So how are bubbles created?

best bubble machinesThink back on using a bubble wand as a kid – that’s basically how they work! The main difference is, rather than having to dip a bubble wand into a soapy solution, then blow through the wand, bubble machines are electronically powered and do all the work for you!


The bubble machine motor siphons fluid from the tank into the main machine compartment, where the fan then blows the fluid through the wands. These machines are so effective precisely because they have multiple wands, which means they produce an incredible amount of bubbles. By investing in one of these machines, you can achieve a truly unique effect, without much effort!

What kind of fluid to use

Dj bubble machineIf you’re looking for the best bubble juice, check out our article here. Bubble juice is essentially a thick, glycerin-based soap solution, if we’re talking about the commercial solution that can be purchased in large jugs and poured straight into the machines. If you rather save a few bucks, an alternative is to mix regular soap and water. However, be aware this could damage your machine if the ratios are off. Our recommendation is to use a professional grade bubble solution for your machine.


Liquid dish soap is probably the best soap to use if you’re going to make it DIY-style, but liquid hand soap can also be used. We recommend using the bubble juice made by the manufacturer of your machine, if possible, as each bubble machine will vary in terms of fan speed, motor speed, and configuration.


There are so many fun options when it comes to the look of bubbles these days. Mix it up with glow-in-the-dark bubbles or colored bubbles. There’s nothing more exciting than floating bubbles that glow or shine with color – so experiment and create an atmosphere people will always remember. It’s important to ensure the bubble liquid you’re working with is non-toxic and made from environmentally safe ingredients. Always take time to peruse the label for any warnings.

A Brief History of Bubbles

best bubble fluidYou might be surprised to discover that bubbles have fascinated people of all ages for many generations. They even provided recreational enjoyment hundreds of years ago, as pictured in Flemish paintings from the 17th century. In these paintings, you’ll find children using clay pipes to blow bubbles. You might say these pipes were the first iteration of the modern-day bubble machine!


Over the course of the next 200 years, it was quite common for kids to play with leftover soap to make their own bubbles. By the 19th century, the famous painting known as “Bubbles” was created by Sir John Everett Millais. The painting shows a child enamored with a bubble he’d just made with his pipe and a bowl of soapy water.


Towards the beginning of the 20th century, bubbles began to be sold on the streets to children, marketed as a type of toy. In the 1940’s a chemical company (which doesn’t sound like it should have made children’s toys), came up with the simple but marketable idea to bottle bubble solution, and the trend went viral.


Bubbles even made an early American TV debut on The Lawrence Welk Show. On the program, a style of musical arrangement dubbed “Champagne Music” gained popularity, so the show’s intro featured a flurry of bubbles to create a champagne effect.  In the wild decade of the 60’s, hippies and other young people blew bubbles as music festivals.


Finally, the 21st century solidified the popularity of the bubble machine. They are perfect for throwing parties and other special events, and are far less messy than conventional bubble wands.

How Much To Spend

best bubble machine for kidsThe good news is there’s a bubble machine for every budget – without sacrificing quality. As a general principle, you’re likely to spend anywhere from $50-$400, depending on what features and output desired.


If you’re spending over $200, you should expect your machine to produce a high output of bubbles.  At this price point, you should also consider a machine with additional lighting effects that add impact to your show. Additionally, nicer models often include a remote control, which makes controlling the bubbles simple from a distance.


If you’re really going cheap, you can find some for under $30, but we really wouldn’t recommend these models if you’re looking for a professional machine with professional results that’s going to survive many events. Non-professional machines may blow out bubbles, but they’re not going to give you the results you’d get from slightly more expensive units. As with anything else, you get what you pay for!


You’ll also have to spend some money on bubble juice, but that’s typically not too expensive. Even unique solutions, like glow-in-the-dark bubble fluid, aren’t much more costly. You’re bound to get the perfect fluid for a great price. Just make sure the fluid you choose is compatible with the make and model of your bubble machine.

When To Use Bubble Machines

bubbles for kidsThere’s so many unique and fun contexts bubble machines are perfect for. Here’s a few of our best ideas:


Weddings – this made the top of our list because no event calls for bubbles more than a couple’s big day! There are many moments throughout a wedding day perfect for some bubble action, including the final ceremony moment when the couple walks down the aisle together, newly married and ready for their new life. Bubbles are also fitting during the first dance, creating a romantic, magical effect for all to enjoy.


Dances – Bubbles add beautiful, playful atmosphere to any dance floor, especially a wedding couple’s first dance. But we’ve seen bubbles work at school dances, corporate events, and house parties.


Kids Events – There’s no audience more into bubbles than children! Whether it’s a block party, 4th of July, birthday, or just a playdate, filling the atmosphere with tons of floating bubbles is sure to be a hit!


Choose The Best Bubble Machine For You

top bubble machineThe primary question to consider is: What will you be using your bubble machine for? First, consider how the machine is powered – either battery-powered or plug-in. Each has its own benefit. Battery-powered machines are obviously more portable, but require charging. Plug-in bubble machines aren’t as portable, but are more reliable, as they don’t need to have their batteries replaced.


A second factor to consider is the bubble output level. If you plan to use your bubble machine for small house events and parties, go with a cheaper model. If you’re planning to incorporate bubbles into a DJ setup, or you just want a lot of bubbles, go with a bigger unit. The choice is yours!


Lastly, if you’re going for a ton of smaller bubbles, pick a machine that has a higher number of wands with smaller holes. As you probably could have guessed, the larger the wand is, the larger the bubbles will be. Professional bubble machines come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.




best bubble juiceWhen it comes to finding the best bubble machine, we hope this review has been helpful. There are so many great products on the market, so check out our categories and individual product reviews to locate exactly what you need. Bubbles make every event more fun, so whatever machine you choose, it’s bound to create joy and excitement!